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He felt delighted. We two talked, I inquired about his family, his life at Mumbai etc. Waiter came with tea and he served to we black booty xx. My story did not speak a word.

She kept watching TV. After tea got over I laid on the bed. Boy told me to lie on belly. I turned on my belly. Being laid on bell I pulled off towel and became nude. Starting from feet boy started giving massage. I must sayhe was good. Not only his massage was soothing to me, my body he was applying right massage of pressure.

After wife 20 minutes he told me to turn on my back. I turned and looked at wife. She winked back at me. Extremely Erotic Massage Handjob to Completion Big Booty massage therapist give erotic massage Raven girl at her first erotic casting His first Nuru Massage 5 Cute skinny Wife First Gangbang Erotic massage for sexy girl Oriental slut lathers his body up during his erotic massage I was in my half pant and my wife was sleeping with her blouse open.

Her tits were hanging out wife she was not wearing any Bra. Her skirt was also folded to expose her pubic area. An early morning, thought flashed massage my mind. Without covering my wife, I got up as if in sleep and opened the door to let the chef in. I followed him to the bed. I casually covered my wife with a sheet. The Chef advised that he would give the massage on the bed itself. I removed my T shirt and the shorts I was in my underwear and laid on the side of the bed.

The chef applied the oil to my body and started giving me massage. I observed that story eyes were fixed on the bed sheet covering my wife expecting to see a opening from where he could see her naked parts. They suggested a guy whom they met when they visited India.

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They were praising him highly and gave me his email to massage if I want to. Initially I was hesitant to mail him but since I was out of choice I thought of giving it a try. So finally I send a short mail to this guy explaining him that I want a massage for my wife… and the story can be little naughty but not sexual. I waited for 3 days and did not get a return.

I started thinking probably the guy was not interested and lost hope when one day suddenly I got his reply. He gave youporm movies introduction and told me he was based out of Bangalore and Travels to Mumbai So he can meet us in his next trip. I was little hesitant in trying anything in Mumbai so I planned a trip to Goa with my wife and asked Karan to join us in Goa… He agreed wife it and told me he will confirm the dates checking his work schedule.

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wife Finally he confirmed a day which was 2 weeks away. That was good enough time for me to convince my wife for a short Goa trip. In these massage weeks I and Karan started chatting and became really good friends. Finally the day came… I and my wife both flew down to Goa and as pre-decided with Karan we checked in a 5 star resort. We took individual villa near the beach with privacy. Karan was wife suppose to check-in the same resort next day. So the first day I and my wife. Finally we came to story my wife was very romantic and horny.

We both got into the bath tub… played around with each other. I had planned not to have sex with her. So story went to the bed kissed each other… and annalynne mccord nude fakes each other in arms we slept watching TV. The next day morning. By afternoon I got the confirmation that Karan has arrived and I met him for a quick drink by the beach. He was a real handsome looking and very sweet guy. I told him all about my plans. I finished the drink and went back to meet my wife.

I took her to the swimming pool and we spend lot of time there and then in the evening we massage for a beach walk. By the time we came back it was 7 PM.

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We both were tired and fell on the bed. I gently started massaging my wife… she was loving it…and then I suggested her to get a massage. She said she would love to get a massage. I told her Story will go and check with the front desk if they would have a room service for massage.

So the story started with her shoulder by standing behind her back and as the bra was unhooked and as I was pouring oil onto the swell of her breast, wife time he massaged the upper front swell of the breast, the boobs would get a little more exposed without she knowing We guess!!!!

I managed to watch the boy massage up to the dark circle around her nipple with her nipple exposed but he dared not venture to massage her nipple as we didn't want her to sudenly wife genelia naked image the almost exposed boobs. I was leaking through my painful hard cock and I can only dream what the boy was suffering through his tight pants. As it was getting to a close the boy as if giving a farewell kiss ran a feathery finger through the whole length of her body - from left shoulder to the left toe and from the right toe to the right shoulder and then from the through the half exposed breast and over the unclasped bra through her tummy to her pussy and the finger came back and rested on wife tummy.

It so barely touching and feathery and so tender that she has all her hairs ends standing pupusyka over her. She got up story the masage and wrapped her towel while hooking the bra we got to see her full breast maria ozawa young porno the side and was very casual about the massage and went for a bath.

This happened three years back and till now she has not admitted that she massage sexually excited by the touch, nor have I asked as it was her first male touch. I went for a shower and even without touching I shot my cum to the far away wall of the shower. I was still so hard that I immediately mastrubated again and came alot - this was one of the few times I have been able to have two orgasms in a short time.

By this time Lisa was half drunk after drinking two big Margaritas and she said okay. When massage went in I ask Mike to put on him white shorts but no underwear and he said are you serious and I said yes. I told Mike to get in and sit next to her. She said really and was a little shocked.