Waiting for you at the door

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Andrew's United Church. The Willows recommends:.

IVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU CHORDS by Guys Next Door @ v38.info

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I was waiting for you at the door. Yay Yay 5, 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Just a question, is it also right if you drop the a preposition?

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I cannot comment about "right" I always despised the Spanish class at schoolbut in Argentina where I grew upno one would use the "a".

VladimirNu I don't know if it would be grammatically wrong, but I wouldn't drop it. Note how the meaning changes in the sentence Espero a que mi novio abra la puertawich expresses a fact, compared to Espero que mi novio abra la puertawhich expresses a wish or hope.

When esperar is conjugated in a continuous tense estoy esperandoit isn't generally understood as a wish, but I still would only drop the preposition a before a que when expressing a wish or hope. MartinArgerami that's what I meant, in Chile we also don't use it. If you read the definition of esperar in the DRAE yeah, the DLE, whatevermeanings 3 transitive and 4 intransitive are applicable here.

What Are You Waiting For?

They are very similar and, in fact, in this case they mean almost the same. So I think that using a or not is a question of personal taste. Being Spanish, I find Yay's proposal more natural, but I understand that other people prefer not using a and I would not find it weird.

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