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And with Fox looking for a replacement for San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch, the timing was perfect. So thank you.


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Back to top Home News U. Think along the lines of Jerry and the pool boy. Roy Williams went to catch him… Like everything else. He is scheduled to have surgery in the morning. He is having an Addadicktomy. He has to go after his statement at the press conference…. Get rid of him Jerry…what have you got to lose…you got the bucks to lure Cassel away.

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The way i heard it was that T. Did he collapse after being fellated by T. No heart. Vox Veretus says: December 28th, at pm i wish i was there to see his wee wee ———————————— Thank you for the icing on my cake of a football day. Why not give us the full story, Florio.

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Good one Joe! He probably passed out from seeing all those dongs. Unfortunately for him, his final throw was intercepted at the Dallas yard line, setting the Denver Broncos up for a game-winning field goal in a shootout. That final back injury, suffered rurino tsukioka last year's preseason, prompted the end of his career after Dak Prescott romo him and led the Cowboys tony the best record in the NFC.

But naked better Prescott played, it became more apparent Romo's return to his old job was in jeopardy. There were a few weeks in the middle of the season when it was unclear what the Cowboys planned to do.

Peyton Manning’s most unstoppable weapon reveals what makes him a great quarterback.

It put players and coaches in the uncomfortable position of having to answer questions about the situation. I know, you have an excuse for that too.

You were off your game because of the long flight from Texas. Oh wait…. Then Troy Aikman came along and you thought he was handsome. The rest is history.

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I hope you learned your lesson yesterday fruitcake. Hey, I tip my hat to Vox. Unlike most dallas fans, he still showed up and posted something. Way to man up Vox. But for the record, and every fan in Philly can relate to this the next time an damn Cowboys fan tells me about their 5 superbowls, Im cutting them off and jus sayin Hey Cowboys fan — how many of those rings came after the salary cap era had taken hold?

Passed out, huh? More drama from Romo. As someone who was standing there watching this whole scene unfold, I can tell you the players were shocked. They didn't know what to do. Deon Anderson went out running for emergency help, but Maurer and associate athletic trainer Britt Brown were all over it.

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Adam Jones, of all people, was standing there yelling at me, another reporter and a TV camera man to get back. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. No Thanks Sign Up. Quotes of the Year: Powered by SailThru.