Teens shaving their legs


However, she might also be scared to talk to you about it, in which case starting that conversation may help her feel more comfortable. You can wait and see if she approaches you, or you can bring up the topic in a subtle way.

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First and foremost, make sure your daughter knows sharing razors is not sanitary and can cause infections to spread. Help your daughter build her own razor. That way, she can choose which handle, color and number of blades she wants. She may be nervous about getting nicked, but assure her a sharp blade leads to better results and less chances of nicks and skin irritation than a dull blade.

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In general, razor blades last five to 10 shaves depending on how frequently she shaves. Another safety tip is to always use shaving gel. This helps maintain moisture and allow the razor to glide more easily across the skin, which reduces chances of skin irritation.

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Macomb County Youth Sports Leagues. Journaling for Clearer Vision in The Stigma of Boob grope Use Disorders. Illustration by Jillian Pulford. Bored Teenager? Why do runners shave their legs? Some athletes shave their legs — but this has little to do with beauty and more to do with improving the aerodynamics of their bodies. Runners, cyclists and even swimmers commonly shave their legs to try and increase their speed. There is no harm in shaving your legs — provided you take care to minimize irritation and cuts.

After a few tries, you will discover for yourself what works for you.

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Go gentle the first time and be sure to use gel or shaving foam. If using a razor still seems absolutely terrifying, there are other options. Creams like Nair can be applied like a lotion, left on for a few minutes then washed off. I personally did this for a few months before I started using a razor, but I will warn you, the cream smells a bit like rotten eggs.