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But my god, the one I did? This is so frustrating.

This gets so old. I just wish I knew what it was like to be able to eat and enjoy food without worrying about my weight ballooning. It must be nice.

Little things like that hurt. Yeah, well that girls right here. Those moments really suck.

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Being large was considered a status symbol. It meant you could eat well and were a person of wealth or means.

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Having a grocery store and a McDonalds on every corner has changed that. Now, the average person is able to buy and eat all they want. French Impressionism was a dominant style of art just before and during the first of the 20th century. The artists painted what they saw.

And the models they painted were almost always larger women. Larger women were considered sexy and beautiful. Renoir painted many classic examples of this. The movie and entertainment industry has had a lot to do with the way we form our opinions of what is considered beautiful or sexy.

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