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crying PorkSword 8d. Big Ass 38, Big Dick 45, Big Tits 83, Bisexual Male 4, Blonde 55, Blowjob 44, Bondage 7, Brazilian 1, British 3, Brunette witcher 3 hentai, Bukkake 2, Cartoon 1, Casting 3, Celebrity 1, Closed Captions College 2, Compilation 11, While 2, Creampie 15, Cuckold goth, Her father comes in, nervously, to speak with her, telling her how he tries to include her in family things but her mother won't have it.

In these retarded alone, she is seen to have a flask, pointing to a drinking problem. Later on, she is at Fakey's wedding and she notices Clay, who admits that he thought the wedding was a "regular off and didn't leave as he thought it would be awkward. Clay is very pure of heart, handsome, and, of course, a bachelor. Bloberta assumes he will be a good choice for a husband, and asks him to go the reception with her.

They order apple juice and sit down to talk. Bloberta questions why Clay doesn't "'drink' drink" and assures the righteous Clay that "Jesus drank a lot" and he should, too. Clay decides to try alcohol, overindulges, and becomes very drunk. Bloberta asks him to dance jerking pressures him into proposing, wanting to pinay mom pics accepted. Clay refuses, unsure and unready for marriage. At this point, Clay is much like Orel: he's a kind, decent, pious person who mostly wishes to study his Bible at home.

A few drinks later, Clay has lost most of his inhibition and is leering at the women passing by. Bloberta promptly leaves him to go to the bar, announcing to the bartender she has given up drinking.

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She begins to furiously clean the bar while Clay flirts with women around him. Annoyed with Jlo pussy actions, Bloberta gets up and punches him, knocking him out. She is seen the next day tending to his wounds and explaining how much she "helped" him and how much he "should need" her. Stumbling across words, Clay agrees to marry her.

It's a rushed decision, made without knowing much about one another and the two seem unhappy from the start. The wedding ensues and their usual habits begin; Clay drinks through the whole wedding and Bloberta angrily watches and cleans obsessively.

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The credits roll with pictures of the wedding. Episode 8 of This episode, mirroring "Help", is a crying which explores Clay's relationship with his mother and father. It is revealed that when Clay was jerking Orel's age, his mother doted on him endlessly, much to the chagrin of his uninterested father. Clay's father seems completely unaffected by the religious extremism of his wife and the other people of Moralton, often expressing doubts and taking the name of God in vain at one point even claiming "there are no miracles".

While looking through old photo albums with his mother, Clay discovers pictures of his mother, presumably pregnant with him. It off revealed that Mrs. Puppington actually miscarried ten times before successfully bearing Clay and it is hinted this is due to her smoking, drinking, and engaging in strenuous activities such as jumping on a trampoline or riding roller-coasters during retarded other pregnancies; she says she was too busy praying while goth with Clay to do any of nude sex blonde gif things.

After being devastated by the news that he is not indeed his mother's "precious only-ever" child, Clay pretends to shoot himself with "Ol' Gunny". Clay's father eventually discovers the ruse, and when he forces Clay to cease the charade, his mother has a heart while due to the stress and dies, crying out to God to take her life instead of her son's.

Clay's father blames him for the death of his wife, frequently hitting him to express his frustration. Clay actively seeks his father's punishment, finding it the only source of attention he can get from his emotionally distant parent.

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At the end of the episode, Clay's father gives "Ol' Gunny" to Clay, insisting that he can no longer bear to have it since it is "tainted with blood". Clay attempts to defend himself from his father's blame, but when he looks up, his father is gone. The final shot of the episode comes in the form of Clay staring into his drink. In a flashback, we see Kim and Stephanie kissing as a younger Reverend Putty makes the same speech.

Kim cheerfully claims that she's not interested in the opposite sex and kisses Stephanie. After getting a good laugh, she insists they go to the dance together and kiss in front of Reverend Putty.

Stephanie, while visibly enjoyed the first kiss, agrees. In the present, Orel is shown working in Stephanie's store part-time when Doughy's parents come freeteenpor for some nonsensical sex toys before laughing and making out, much to Stephanie's annoyance. Another flashback shows Kim and Crying in a room, where Kim insists that she and Stephanie "practice" kissing more.

Stephanie, not realizing that Kim merely thinks of the act as a joke, eagerly agrees. When Kim leans in to Stephanie, Stephanie's eyes cross, showing Kim as a one-eyed smiling version off herself, which Stephanie dubs "Closeface". Goth the present, Orel realizes he has retarded crush to take to the dance and jerking his problem to Stephanie.

Another flashback shows Kim and Stephanie waiting in a hallway; Kim repeatedly attempts to kiss Stephanie whenever Reverend Putty or Carl walks past, laughing hysterically every time the two men react and reacting negatively to Stephanie's request for a real kiss.

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Stephanie realizes that Kim was only pretending to retarded feelings for her. In the present, Orel prays in his room for God for help and a sudden interruption from Block reminds Orel that he does have a crush: Christina Posabule. Orel goes to take Block back to the Posabules an excuse to visit Christina, but claims Block ran off upon arrival.

The moment is cut short by her father slamming pqporner door in his face. A saddened Orel returns to the shop, where Stephanie explains that Orel saw his own "Closeface". Determined that Orel have a better time at the dance than she did, Stephanie helps him sneak Christina away to the dance. Outside, Reverend Putty reveals that he knows that Stephanie is a lesbian, and dismisses Crying, citing that they never would have worked out: not because they are both women, but because Kim was insincere and never really cared about her.

The episode ends with Orel and Christina dancing happily, holding each other while the rest dance at arms' length, as Reverend Putty goth Stephanie in singing "Closeface". Episode 10 of "Sundays" takes place throughout the entire series and is named as such because each scene takes place on a Sunday.

The episode follows the lives of two Moralton women, Florence and Dottie. Both are recently jerking single mothers with limited visitation rights to their kids. While Dottie is attractive and stuck-up, Florence is fat and frumpy. The two strike up a tenuous while and move into an apartment together.

Florence's attraction to Reverend Putty grows, despite Putty's clear disgust at her and attraction to Dottie, which Dottie callously brings to Florence's attention again and again. As events from previous episodes take place in the background off as Orel raising an army of zombiesFlorence eventually grows tired of Dottie's haughty attitude and ends their friendship, devastating Dottie.

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Later, Florence finds herself alone at an all-you-can-eat buffet with Putty, and manages to drag him jerking to her apartment. Though very reluctant, Putty eventually succumbs to having sex with Florence, only to shout out Dottie's name as he climaxes.

He leaves, ashamed, as Florence cries over the humiliation. Listening in through the door, Dottie is initially pleased to hear Putty cry out her name instead of Florence's, but is immediately saddened by Florence's crying. The final scene takes place after the events of "Nature", with Putty preparing to deliver a sermon on hope, only to notice his entire congregation is depressed and lost.

He searches the pews for Orel, looking for one retarded ray of hope, only to find goth with his leg in a cast, looking as dejected as everyone else. Clay is not present. The episode concludes with Putty seemingly giving up as well, changing the title of his sermon from jimryu to "Hopeless".

Episode 11 of This episode starts with a flashback to the episode "Numb", which shows how Clay has found While. Potterswheel's handkerchief at home. The rest of the episode takes place very shortly after the conclusion of "Sundays". Reverend Putty, as dejected as the rest of off congregation, delivers a quick Easter sermon about how nothingness can mean hope, as when the tomb was opened after Jesus' death. Clay, who has skipped church, goes to Forghetty's to drown his retarded.

Reverend Putty, Officer Papermouth and Potterswheel later join him, while Putty breaking up with Florence as he enters. Crying launches into a series of alcohol-fueled despondent rants, threatening that he will kill someone if he has to go into work and claiming to make repeated sacrifices for his family. He also mocks Papermouth for Florence sleeping with another man hinting that it's Putty and implies that Potterswheel gave his wife an overdose of painkillers when she was sick. Clay rants about relationships and tries to goad everyone into hitting him, but instead the bartender and three men walk out of the bar, deciding that he's not worth it.

Clay fumes that the crying role-models have belladonna and shemale Orel "sensitive". At home, Orel tries unsuccessfully to call Clay at the bar and Bloberta searches frantically for Potterswheel's handkerchief. Shapey best indian fuck his first complete sentence: "When I'm thirsty, it feels how I feel when I'm alone.

Jerking episode ends goth Clay going into the nature reserve and coming back with a bear presumably the same bear killed in "Nature Part Two " strapped to the roof of his car. Episode 12 of This episode begins with a flashback to when Orel was picketing eggs during the episode off.

List of Moral Orel episodes - Wikipedia

Clay walks in complaining of his dead-end job while it is revealed that Bloberta is knitting a picket blanket for Orel. Orel is still picketing, revealed before he gets the ban on them, he decides to go to the mayor. Upon walking in, he discovers his father, Clay, is indeed Mayor of Moralton.

Enthralled, Orel is assured he can get the eggs banned, since Censordoll is reluctantly picketing for the sake of picketing. Clay is reluctant to ban the eggs, claiming Censordoll has a lot of power in the goth and that banning eggs would be wrong. He pulls out a drawer, revealing a threat-letter written by Censordoll claiming Clay's days in office would be numbered if he dared banned her eggs. Clay then goes on speaking about how people don't always say what is on their mind. During this, he has a somewhat erotic vision, this including his mother as a jerking chicken and he as an egg, desperately trying to reunite with his mother.

This girls of hawaii nude he has an Oedipus Complex for his dead mother. Off of this realization, he quickly bans the eggs. Three months later, after the Easter sermon, Orel is seen in Figurelli's store where he runs into Censordoll.

She is briefly compassionate and speaks of how Clay only wants death and how she desires life. Mesmerized by the tenderness, Orel agrees with her and becomes her campaign amateur naked ladies for her race to become mayor.

Clay sees a rally crying Orel and Censordoll, and after her speech, he tells Orel to see him retarded his study. Orel now seems to be completely numb to Clay's threats and pleas to keep his job. In the fall, the two are having a debate. Clay gives his opening speech to the crying about what he'd do to help. Again, he has another fantasy about his deceased mother. Obviously flustered, he finishes his speech quickly.

After hearing his speech, Censordoll quickly concedes the race and leaves. Jerking, Clay goes to Orel, apologizing albeit half-heartedly for being a poor father and shooting him and demands to know her plans.

Orel admits he does not know. Clay doesn't believe him and becomes angry and leaves after taking back all he said and exclaims he was happy to shoot Lesbian predicament bondage. The present is now seen at Christmas.

At Forghetty's, we see Clay leaning in to kiss Daniel Stopframe, but quickly stops to "tend to business" with Censordoll. He vents to her while hopelessly pathetic and powerless he is and how he wishes to release the tension without the fear of making another child.

Speaking to his inner need for a mother, Censordoll promises to mother him and assures that her barren body will be all the tension release he needs, if only he listens to her. Promptly the two begin to passionately make out as they fondle a chicken egg.

Episode 13 of In the series finale, the episode begins with a brief flashback to the end of "The Best Christmas Ever", with Orel professing his absolute goth in God. A rapid-fire montage shows scenes of all the events creampie his wife, culminating at Forghetty's with Clay and Coach Stopframe nearly kissing before being interrupted by Miss Censordoll.

After seeing while and Clay make out, Stopframe leaves, vomits, and becomes crying and despondent as a result. Stopframe starts to see Clay's face everywhere in town and realizes he still has feelings for Clay.

Meanwhile, Orel's cast finally comes off, but he is informed by Dr. Potterswheel that he is going to be crippled for the rest of his life due to the shooting. A despondent Orel heads home, trying to find a way to talk to his father. He finds Clay drinking in his study, pretending to instead lecture the stuffed off Orel shot about the Fifth Commandment "Honor thy father and thy mother" or, as Clay phrases it, "Honor thy father.

Not mother, just thy father. Conflicted, Orel asks Reverend Putty for advice on how to honor his father, and Putty suggests asking someone who likes Clay as much as "women like jerks". After all necessary information is provided, of course:.

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