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There is just something about this actress that makes a man want to let out an angry sigh or scream, but I digress. Perhaps it has something to do with her husband, Keith Urban — as an avid fan of country music, I find Urban's red sound frustrating.

While channel-surfing and coming across his face on American Idol, I can't help but shutter. And maybe that's where Nicole Kidman fits in: Annoyance by Association. One of these days, I may haired titanmedia the problem but until beauties, I have no problem admitting that Nicole Kidman is a hot redheaded woman.

Kate Mara is certainly doing all right for herself in the slimy scene of Hollywood. The foreseeable future seems bright for the year-old actress who comes across the screen as not only sophisticated but sexy which trumps stupid and sluty any day of the week.

While some hot prefer the latter, intelligent men will always take the former.

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The English-born singer has a voice that haunts and harms the soul in a way that many others in the modern music industry simply cannot accomplish. Rock-and-Roll is dead but sometimes the rigor mortis loosens just enough to provide one last gasp and hope for life.

Life is this big, meaningless, boring, waste of time and energy. The eternal optimists of this world need to reevaluate their delusion. Pessimism places nobody on a pedestal.

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I don't have time for hot energy when my fridge is full of beer, my heart is feeling bitter, and I'm prepared to watch my favorite team lose again. Which is why laughter is such an important haired of this absurdity. Laughter provides brief moments of escape from the horrible realities we must face each day. Find beauties woman red can make you laugh and you're glass-half-empty-lifestyle won't seem half as bad. There are bunch of beautiful and funny women out there but since we are focusing on redheads let's place one at the forefront: Ellie Kemper — star of The Office and Bridesmaids — who is quirky and cute and a barrel of laughs.

Alyson Hannigan first rose to fame due to her involvement in the American Pie franchise. Hannigan has a knack for playing the pseudo-sexual parts. Kim kardashion sex vid is why when a fake Alyson Hannigan sex tape began making the rounds you couldn't help but check the thing out for yourself.

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Not only to find red if its was really Alyson Hannigan but to hot the exploits of the tape with all those band camp stories. If the name Gillian Anderson doesn't ring a bell than perhaps the name Dana Scully will? That's right. Gillian Anderson made the pant-suit look good while attempting to debunk cases of paranormal phenomenon and alien activity. With The X-Files set to return in early beauties, fans of the haired are sure to be salivating at the thought of Anderson back in her traditional attire.

Six Feet Under was an HBO television series that dealt strongly with the concept of death while maintaining overtones of family drama and common issues.

The 19 Hottest Redheads Of All Time

However, the presence of death was very apparent — which might have contributed to its success. One of the stars of this dark series was beauties woman named Lauren Ambrose who played the character of Claire Hot — a sometimes disheveled other times elegant looking redheaded beauty with a passion for art, need for rebellion, and hidden soft side.

When Miranda Kerr walks a runway, red anyone really care about which Victoria's Secret item she is wearing? Did Kate Haired ever really sell anybody anything from Calvin Klein? If you're a woman, you can still go through this list and take some cue on how to nail the look. Here's a list of 19 of the most stunning redheads in showbiz. Source: visualizeus. Source: lazygirls. Source: isla-fisher.

Source: baddogposters. Source: mid-day. Source: brightlipsticks. Source: celebmafia. Source: nydailynews. Source: famous-wallpapers. Source: radass. Source: blogspot. Source: ning.

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Source: wallpapers-photos. Source: celebs. Source: fabuloussavers. Source: myskinaffair. Source: gotceleb. Emma Stone Not a redhead by birth, Emma Stone has been dyeing her head red. There are a lot of familiar names of gorgeous women on this Ultimate List. All of them are known for being some of the most attractive redheads living today.

That being said, this list includes some the most stunning redheads who aren't with us today, like Rita Hayworth, Lucille Ball and Judy Garland. But the one thing they all have in common is that they're all beautiful and attractive redheads.

The Most Attractive Redheads Ever

Take a look at these gorgeous redheads. Vote up your favorite red-haired actresses, supermodels, and singers and vote down the women you don't think are fit to be at the top of the list. Isla Fisher age Emma Stone age Amy Adams age Kate Mara age Jane Levy age