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Oral B Sonic Complete 1 pack of 4 Refill Toothbrush heads: v38.info: Health & Personal Care

View as Grid List. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush head about every 3 months, or when bristles are faded and worn. Please wait Login Register Register Log In. My wishlist. Add To Your Browser. Carefully extract the inner workings of the toothbrush without pulling on the thin copper wires from the charging coil. Carefully unhook the copper wires to the charging coil from under the black plastic clip holding them in place.

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The clip is open on one side arrowed below. Time to get your soldering iron warmed up now! Desoldering braid might also be useful for this. Using the screwdriver, pry out the battery at the positive end and gently bend it up and over so it pivots where the negative tag is attached.

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Using scissors, cut the negative tag arrowed below close to the battery or about half way between the battery and PCB. You might need to twist the battery and tag slightly to get the scissors in position.

Braun Oral Sonic Complete Brush Heads Replacements Brush Heads

Sonic the original battery to its replacement. Please support us with writing these repair guides by buying your replacement battery through our secure online shop at ToothbrushBattery. This is a 2. To maximise the lifespan of your new battery see our electric toothbrush care tips here. Bend the positive tag to shape so it matches the original battery. Bending oral tag over the tip of the screwdriver might help get neat donna mills nude photos. Then trim the tag to length using the scissors.

Using the tip of the scissors narrow down the width of the positive tag. Carefully cut in from the side of the tag, then down from the top. With the soldering iron and some solder, quickly tin the upper surface of the tag that is still attached to the toothbrush. Insert the positive end of the battery into its holder, ensuring the tag goes through the hole in the PCB.

See questions and answers. No customer reviews. Review this product Share your thoughts with other complete. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This brush hard to fine item for my particular toothbrush. I have been looking in most retail stores for a very long time.

These are exactly what I needed from my older model Oral B and the price is right. These are genuine Oral B brush heads for the Sonic Complete toothbrush, which are impossible to find in US retail stores. Love these! I had been using generics and decided to go back to the genuine Oral B brush ayana angel nude and what a difference.

They are just-right soft and actually fit better on the toothbrush. I'm glad I switched.