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Can only be used for the specific purposes listed. All limited use licenses come in the largest size available. Did you hear the one about the man who went around the world doing naked handstands in every place he visited?

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Gorenstein reports via a Caters News Agency statement, reporting the man who wishes to remain unidentified, has dropped this move in a remarkable 17 countries so far. As you can see from the image above, the world is far brighter these past five years thanks to this brave, pale man who we assume packs very light before any excursion. So many places lend themselves perfectly to naked handstanding, with such stunning scenery.

We have all been there, taken aback by sights so gorgeous we just had to rip off our clothes and pose like an gay blowjob cumshot gymnast.

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One hand who is head over heels for travelling has spent the past five years doing naked handstands in front of iconic locations around the globe. Men flame-haired acrobat posts his unusual tourists snaps on his blog — showing the keen traveller upside down in amazing locations such as Uluru in Australia and even on the Great Wall of China. He said: 'I love to experience the world in all its glory and wonder in the raw.

So many places lend themselves perfectly to naked handstanding, with such stunning scenery. The cheeky traveller's handstands are intended to raise awareness about planned obsolescence, 'the deliberate shortening of products' useful life in order to force the consumer to buy or upgrade over and over and over again. On his blog he writes: 'There is too much stands consumed and disposed daily in the world and we are slowly destroying it The world is spectacular and full of amazement, get out there and explore it as best you can and you will see for yourself.

The globe-trotting buff has encountered some troubles on his journeys. In Amsterdam nude was stopped by the Dutch police. He said: 'It involved an encounter with some granny in bath porn Dutch police.