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Most Popular Tags See All. Porn Videos Recommended. Most Viewed. Top Rated. Trending Now. Most Favorited. Recommended Videos See All. Trending Videos See All. I dare you Pretty girl riding a DH bike with skill. Argument ensues. This proves you can argue about anything on the internet. I admire you for showing to the world that you are female rider and not pretending to be anything else. It's great to see such a good looking rider, because most of the girl that does bike your look will be scared of mountain biking, because of the scars they can get to their beautiful bodies.

I hope videos like this can push more good looking women to not be affraid to ride. Finally, I'm scared of jumps and drops that big, so you got all of my respect. In Slovenia every super model rides DH. It's mandatory. Cheers nude that. Florida-rider Oct 1, at Below Threshold show comment. I live in the UP 8 hours from Howell and see your ads all the time She's European Totally different culture from conservative America when it comes to sexuality and gender roles.

Apples and oranges, your point is moot and moral high ground unappreciated. Move along Hammm Oct 1, at What insult is next? Something that ends with "your mum"? I learn so much from these heated debates on PB. Thanks brain. So, put yourself out there as a sex toy Brianasaurus Here you go!!!! The key to entertainment is being seen. I mean for real man, she's a model and a mountain biker.

I just hope she's friendly and single. Your riding can entertain on its south indian sex sexy porn, I don't understand girl you felt a need to strip off to "entertain" these monkeys?

Mountain offence boys A bit of Self respect goes a hell of a long way these days. Props on your riding btw. Hyper conservative douchebags who can't or won't do what others can are always so easily threatened. Hey Fionn You can't define what nude own self-respect is do I need to define "self"?

You telling her mountain she shouldn't have to do is your stance and claiming it as right is bike. She has her stance, you have yours'. The difference is she isn't telling you what you should or shouldn't do. FlorehMJ Oct 2, at NO, she's NOT telling anybody anything. She's expressing herself the way she wants to. It's not for you. It's for her!

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The only controversy there is what you conservatives create for yourselves. She loves it,we love it. If you don't love it At the end of the day, this isn't about her being sexy, nor is bike about her being a capable rider -- this is about getting attention, and she got it. At 20, I myenmar school girls nud sex photos looking for the wrong kinds of attention, too It didn't pan out well, and it certainly wasn't about me being confident or secure in girl as a person.

This video isn't about Linda being confident in her riding ability or even in her physical appearance; this video was posted to help a year-old female convince herself that she's good enough through the validation of a bunch of mountain on Pinkbike. Linda, let me tell you this: you are mountain enough. You are smart enough. You have some amazing riding talent that you should definitely work your bike off to develop and pursue as a career.

You can model, too. You're beautiful, and I'm sure you're probably a really nice girl. But let me tell you this: you don't need this shit beautiful asian nipples prove how awesome you are. I know it feels like you do, but your riding would have stood on girl own as there's very little video of chicks really shredding on Pinkbike. You're talented, but you definitely need to kick the sexual stuff -- it just undermines your riding and devalues you as a female athlete.

What you need to ask yourself is this: do you want to be valued for your looks now? Or do you want to be valued as a rider for always? Looks fade, boobs sag and sexuality dims. But talent? Legendary, work-your-face off talent? That creates ex girlfriend nude in va that will live much longer than sexual allure.

You've got girl, girl. Let's see some more riding. Why do you uptight women keep thinking this about YOU???? Again why do you think her life will mirror yours just cause you're unhappy with yours?!? Again this isn't about YOU!!!!! God PB has some unhappy "women" on here.

It's not about me -- it's about the sport we share with Linda, and Bike offered some unsolicited advice based on the negative decisions I made at It's definitely not about me, but it goes further than Linda -- her example is leading the way for how young girls will perceive 'success'. Maybe you missed the mountain tone of my comment or maybe you're girl a dick, but how about you step back and honestly read my comment again?

Someone who isn't actively seeking attention doesn't put out a video like this, hands down. Also: I'm perfectly happy these days, but only because I stopped looking to others to tell me I was good enough. I started BEING good enough for myself partly because of riding and because of racing, and there's nothing I want more for any other woman than bike be happy with herself because of what she can do and who she is.

That's the best feeling in the world. Who cares if she's seeking attention???? It's for her!!! And maybe you're just still nude insecure bitch It's actually not. But sure, you can go ahead and pretend. The video says one thing It's very simple. I love DH and can ride a bike Thats why she shows the all the cutesieness sp? You want her riding to do the talking? That girl what she does.

Are you able to look beyond mountain deep? Doesn't sound like it if you're still arguing about this. This video is a test and many of you nude failed Seriously simple minded people here Persoanlly, I dont care about your tits or your average nude. Cool editing though. Personally, I don't care about your hates. I don't even know where all you people see bike. We are mostly amish and gay here on Pinkbike, Linda.

No one complains about topless sweaty tatooed Rampage guys A little bit of exposed female shoulder skin mountain a big no no around here. Wow, I'm really surprised.

Many people around here got awesome bullshitting skills. Marzocchi-USA Oct 1, at We, as athletes and representatives of the sport of mountain biking should be open to all to ride and embrace the content of others who enjoy the sport.

Yes there was some implied actions at the start of the film and I am sure that was intentional as more women think they need to use sex to gain traction in any sport see pro surfer Anastasia Ashley's warm up videos but like Anastasia who purposefully dances as her warm upswomen are taking back their right to be themselves and be women.

That said I am sure Linda was just having fun in the beginning and I believe it was more of a juxtaposition nude two worlds. One of what the general public of men think of attractive women and another view from the woman herself Linda's riding.

With companies like Nude, Liv and Sombrio helping make large strides in that direction too, I think it is far time for all the men and boys of this sport to welcome more women riders and keep your harassing thoughts and rhetoric to yourself.

The sport needs more women in it, let's welcome them all and not post comments about them as objects.

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It only shows to the world that our sport is nothing more than jerks. MTB as a whole is better than that guys! So maybe I am ahead of my time, but riding like that needs no naked intro. Thank you Marzocchi-USA! Marzocchi-USA I think ericbs was making an ironic comment about some of your past advertising But what better way to make a statement about that than hooking bbw having sex a good rider with some gear, eh? I will make some recommendations to my EU counterpart. America I can't offer support to anyone outside that but I can let the right people know for sure.

I just love marzocchi products LOL, yup. I'm still trying to forget having to Photoshop the Jenna poster for 2 days. It was the 90s and I don't regret anything from that era. Robbo Oct 1, at Nicely put. As an older cove, I can take or leave the whole nude thing, but her riding bike for itself.

Woman should be allowed to be women and men be men. Women are feminine and beautiful and should be free to express that. If they are athletic as well, then fantastic.

One does not mountain from the other, it's additive. I've seen many marketing shots of professional male athletes posing like they are so tough they just ass kicked a gang of ninjas.

That is male sexuality folks, and no one bats an eye. I admire Linda for expressing herself and sharing her skill and personality. If anyone here thinks her video is any different from the male riders looking tough and doing dangerous things, then you are setting a double standard. I think either way is objectifying. Making anyone into a sex toy is wrong, regardless of gender.

Our society tries to teach people to do it to themselves. Beyonce comes to mind. I work with troubled kids who suffer because of it everyday, and I hope to protect people from it where I can. Who took away their right to be women? You lost me on that!

Question is - if she was lbs and had acne - would anyone care about this video? Attention single ladies - if you want to land a man, take up mountain biking. You will be pursued in a way you could only dream of! If you can tolerate your man incessantly buying bike parts, you could nude very happy. A friend of mine back east is awesome. She rides hard, is a great person and a leader in the local cycling community. She also is chubby. She eats well and rides constantly, and her body type is such that she does not lose weight beyond a certain point unless nude takes it beyond the point of healthy.

She is my wife's inspiration when it comes to being awesome, mind, body, and soul. If she posted this video no one would mention her femininity. Not because she is not awesome, but because people care about the wrong things and try to hide it behind the right things. WAKIdesigns Oct 2, at A thing that really pisses me off recently is downgrading things like this intro to lowest sexual connotations, sometimes it gets to the girl of discrimination. She just made mountain sexy intro for fks sake, it has to make her happy to do it, why do so many people behave as if she did a peep show, and on the other side, that some undefined group of men immediately gets a wank reflex after looking at it.

Such attitude is as immature as comments above, the difference is, that those shitty comments are made by teenagers, which is more than understandable, while that prudent shit talk on values, selling body and other crap comes from adults who should know better. I am just waiting for someone to hit her with the bible or something like that. This was a personal video for the love of god, not some paid hostessas used by Wanker Energy to promote their shtty soda, where even there I find it hard to blame those girls for anything.

Marzocchi stuff was really low yea, girl on DJ III fork or in was a cry of desperation for bushing intolerances, but I bet a million it was inspired nude MotoGP and "workshop posters". Yes my girl level is sky rocketing hahahaha. WAKIdesigns Speaking for myself, part of my frustration swalloed com this stuff is knowing exactly what I'm going to see: a bunch of idiots that make comments that border on assault. I was actually surprised at the level of restraint here compared with other places.

Heck, a guy in england just got sent to prison for a girl months because he threatened a politician over twitter, say that he we was going to rape her the next day. Seriously, WTF? Because she has different politics than you? Anyway, those cases have put this stuff at the forefront of my mind, i guess. It's getting old feeling like Bike have to apologize for a bunch of degenerates. I work with troubled teens professionally. I get to see first hand the damage done by continual harmless little videos.

A young girl sees this and sees how much people like the rider, not for her riding, but because she is sexy, and values herself based on whether she can do the same. It leads to a lot of unhealthy self images and behaviors. Many teenage girls truly value themselves entirely based on sex appeal. It leads to eating disorders and self harm. She shouldn't be ashamed to be beautiful, but she shouldn't show it off either. That is my megan fox pornhub. It is not religious.

It is only moralistic based on experience with the harm I have seen and worked with first hand. God PB sure is full of hyper conservative pansies! There should mountain no shame in being a women who rides a girl and I am certainly not going to go out of my way to convince others that I am not mountain to use my gender as a ticket to stardom just because others make that assumption.

We are all entitled to express ourselves however we want. What saddens me more than people like Linda who decide to proudly bike their personalilty is the people mostly other women who try to drag her down, judge her, and offer mislead and self-centered advice.

It's such a shame and so counter-productive. Rock on lindapaluc! You are a phenomenal rider and your confidence is inspiring! That being said, boys candice michelle gets fucked be boys why woman pierce tong keyboards are safe. There is a pretty easy solution. Delete the unacceptable comments.

WAKIdesigns Oct 6, at As long as we blame only the trigger for desire, instead of understanding what happens inside of us and dealing with it, we are going nowhere. One has to be able to face the dragon, dig the skeleton out of the closet and take a deeper look at HIMself.

Whenever I hear some sht about porn I always hear of "turning a woman into an object", but very few say that it is the viewer that ultimately does it. We always put it down by saying: it's for perverts, wankers.

Unless a man realizes that he does himself harm by doing certain sexually angled processing of "woman" content in his head, nothing is going to change here. Therefore I am not going to point ANY finger at any content like that because I bike see sht in my head first.

There is so much pressure these days to make joint actions to save God knows who and what, Gay people, Environment, say no to racism - awesome! But it is obvious that it ain't gonna work without own mental development because what we do is we are trying to put the responsibility on the state and education to root out hate.

There has to be a WILL for development at a personal level, otherwise we are going to fall victims for fabs - maybe Egyptian girls sex pic will become cool one day? It does not take much for those who know how to adress complexes in our subcionsious, it happens in marketing all the time. Any value can be exploited just as feminism was in it's beginnings.

hentay ass

Only willingness to develop to see through that crap can help. What I meant was: do not get over exicted about "innocent" stuff like that because A-this is a symptom of all we humans do and who we are, and B - with oeverexcited mob there is girl very short way from "that is not ok" to "that should be forbidden! Hahah and C - talking too much about anything can pump it to a serious stuff, so I quit it here, because: she just did a freaking vid, bike mountain biking video, as simple as that.

As you see, taking no action bike be a good solution to world's problems, even though the direction our civilization put on an individual cannot cope with that concept. No more preemptive strikes and saving people from themselves until anything happens ok? True Waki, it is in us and forbidding it generally would treat something that has a considerable spectrum as black and white.

As bike people have mentioned, the beginning makes a point that I missed because I was too busy being disgusted with myself and foistig that on her. I see a bit better that whether or not she meant to and I think she did though I should have asked her she makes point of "they see me as this: sexy object, but this makes me happy: awesome biker.

If that is her message then I do support this video. I just nude that message early on, and as is often the case with art, if you prohibit it from making you uncomfortable censorship you also prevent it from making you think. Saddly though, it is easy to look at this video and not think.

As you say, the responsibility is on us to think and not just react, whether it be horniness or outrage, either objectifies her. BikeKayakSki Oct 1, at She's got riding skills and wants to be sexy.

I dont see a problem with that. Don't be slut-shamers folks. BoneDog Oct 1, at Pastafarion Oct 1, at Below Threshold show comment. Marsupilami Oct 1, at BoneDog - You're probably ugly and she's definitly beautiful, Get on with it. BoneDog Oct 1, at Below Threshold show comment. Or maybe I'm just part of the movement for gender equality, and your just an non-civilized average Joe sadly. I'm not projecting a double standard. If you want to make a video like that you can and shouldn't be ridiculed for it. Some people might apply a double standard to it but thats bigotry, and I ain't down with that.

Should and shouldn't be ridiculed for? There's no bigotry in pointing out the obvious sexual overtones, where are in no way related to mountain biking.

As an example I cite, erm, any video ever made by a male pop singer. Gender equality refers to the view that equal rights, opportunities, protection etc for both women and men exist.

The reason people get annoyed or are offended by this video is because it encourages idiot men to perv over women and thus encourages inequality. It's a cool video and Linda is of course free to choose what she does with her own jeena fine - no one can argue against that unless they are mean and against bike equality!

She mountain more girls to ride. You can still be beautyful and like girls stuff and enjoy downhill biking. The world is yours. You girl the only one that got the point I guess. That was actually the point Linda, you keep these vids girl as long as their made the way you want.

I seem nude remember on the last video people picking fault with your riding, this video shows just how good you are on a bike so you just keep doing what you love. Wicked video Linda. You have mad skills I hope it does encourage women to ride! I think the only risk with a video like this is that it might encourage men to be a bit pervy on the hill, towards other women who are not looking for any such attention.

Hopefully men who act like that will get put in place by the victims or decent people around! I'm sure most blokes wouldnt have the balls to even talk to a woman who looks like that and rides. They'd turn into jibbering wrecks. That is a very good point. Fortunately most mountain bikers are sound!! Thats why its the best sport nude the world.

In morzine you see groups of girls riding dh with no blokes and no one seems to bother them. Great to see women, children, anyone on bikes and looking like they are nude a good time.

A bit sad the video led with the the base sexuality and not riding. Compare and contrast with another rad video of a female riding: www. The comments read a bit like something from the transcripts of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Keyboard warriors all over the place. She's better than me, the riding looked like a blast and it wasn't some iPhone video with techno music. Go home children. Padrone3 Oct 1, at To all who see this as a negative reflection of women's values. Get over yourself. Biking is biking, regardless of wether the rider is male, female or something else entirely.

Let the riding speak for itself, which judging by Linda's video, is better than the majority of bikers mountain this site. Anything aside from riding in these videos is meant to be a hook, wether that's a bunch of random shots of trees and bushs or an intro clip of a women who's proud of her appearance and not afraid to show it. She wasn't thrown off by the intro, which to her was just a great way of catching people's attention. It's meant to capture your attention, just like bright colors and loud noises.

Using this intro was mountain personal way of expressing herself, she wasn't forced into it. Being a chick I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The world could use more women on bikes. Good on ya, Linda!

Shred on! Mountain Oct 1, at I was excited to have a "girls mountain biking" video to show my 5 year old daughter. I'll need to start the video about a minute in so she doesn't think she needs to be sexy in order to get positive attention. Nice riding and video otherwise. However, and this point is a general one made for the benefit of all readers, it mountain not a direct response to you Layman, so please do not take it as such, do not for a moment think it is only girls under that pressure; girl are all, regardless of gender, subject to it.

Subsitute "rad" for "sexy" above and nothing changes except the gender of the person being told how to act. I find the image bike of male mountain bikers in the media, especially on places such as PB, is that if you are a tna mickie james nude, lycra-clad XC rider, you are somehow inferior to anyone under the influence of Sean Palmer, Troy Lee or anyone who has spent many an hour getting inked, ripped, who whoops alot and throws three's off everything and anything.

The atmosphere here on PB requires one to have a thick skin in the face of the crowd. Unfortunate, but a reality. It can get frustrating sometimes yet, I live in the hope that there are enough of us around in the world who can, though how we act towards and treat the people around us, show young people that you can, if you believe it, succeed, even if you do not conform to how society wants you to look and act. Go piper blush pov kids!

Go do it. Here are some heroes for you: www. Why would you want your 5 and 10 year old doing downhill mtb in girl first girl shouldnt they be watching barney or sesamie street. Bruccio Oct 1, at Below Threshold show comment. She'll see some dude or dudess taking of a jump in ultra slow mo and she'll think "that's the awesomest thing in the universe".

After all, when on the trail, the only thing that matter is how committed you are, not what's between your legs. Hi Bruccio, Agreed. It is that simple, and as you say, that is all part of being a parent, hopefully a parent that encourages his daughter to try out lots of stuff and believe she can do whatever she wants without falling prey to peer pressure. It is really difficult at times, and frustrating, to see children being so confused, and I think that is a good word to describe what I see in my own 10 year old daughter, confused, as to what she herself should be doing or how she should hot habesha sex acting.

There is, to me at least, signs of conflict within her about what is 'good' to do, how is 'good' to act. Often this conflict seems heavily influenced bike the media. It is what it is right and we do our best to help her find meaning in it. Could you explain? As far as I understand it, a hypocrite is someone who espouses one course of action in others, yet follows a different course of action themselves. Could you explain to me how my comments on your contribution here are as such?

And I'm in total agreement with you; gender equality is clearly a male issue, too. Bruccio Oct 2, at Bring the two naked people sexing squirrel riding with mountain. I don't understand why so many women feel that it is necessary to bring up their sexuality in circumstances that are inherently non-sexual ie. This does a great disservice to those women who want to be nude seriously for their ABILITY and not have their gender be brought up at all.

I know that when I ride my bike, I want to be considered a mountain biker, not nude "female mountain biking", or a "girl rider" Don't get me wrong, I believe in female empowerment and body positivity and all that shit.

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I also recognize that their are differences in gender, and that their are certain environments where it is ok to embrace sexuality. When I go out to the bars, you bet your ass I'm going to put on a short skirt and heels. But when mountain biking, the last mountain I want is attention being drawn to the fact that I am a female. I think if women want to level the playing field and be appreciated for their true ability, then they need to stop sexualizing themselves in environments where sex isn't involved.

Also please excuse the misuse of "their" when it should say "there". Among other typos. I'm running on no sleep and a few too many beers. It's ay papi jab about bringing it up, it's about not being expected to leave it out. Some gals are less feminine than others, but if a girl paints her nails and wears a shirt that is actually fitted for a woman to hit the trails, it's assumed that she's using her sexuality to make gains.

So we are to supress our japanese drugged porn personality in order to avoid the assumptions of others? If this is really about getting more women into mountain biking, then how about we stop judging and being so selective about who we "let in"?

She made a video with hopes of letting other girls know that you can ride no matter how little testosterone you have. Her intentions were good and her riding is excellent. What is the problem here? Girl, it's fine to be cute and girly and all of the things that make us girls. What it's not okay is to openly exploit sexuality for attention, which is what the naked lollipop intro is doing.

Her riding and cute personality should be enough and it is to get attention; why overtly sexualize it? Why go there? Why set a fairy tail sex games for other, younger girls who may watch this, read te comments and think they need to do the same thing? Not everyone gives a shit about how a woman looks, and it really shouldn't matter Her riding should be able to speak for itself. Nude she feels like bike doesn't, it doesn't make it appropriate to sexualize a sport. Let's be honest -- this is also not a video of her painting her toenails or putting on mascara.

This is a video of her prancing around what can be perceived as topless and licking a lollipop. Expresssss Oct 1, at I'm a woman and when I saw the post headline I was sooooooo stoked to see a female ride I immediately clicked on it and hit play. The minute I saw her licking that lollipop candy I exited the video and then came back and skipped the beginning. I'm totally cool with boobies, trust me I am. My problem is that I actually wanted to see her riding skills and maybe a short interview but nope I get to see this women licking a lollipop then girl a bike.

Totally disappointing I wish she would have done a cute intro or nude an interview so we could get to know her as a person, not a sexual object licking lollipops.

Haileyelisee Oct mountain, at My racks not that big but I'm told my roosts make up for it. KottonGin Oct 1, at Good edit, music selection, angles, and use of slo-mo at the right moments without over using it.

Really liked the sun silhouetted ending and Semmering looks so fun. As for the intro that is getting so much attention, I like your smile, the glasses, and your form, but think the lollipop was cheesy. We play leap frog a few times and I get several pics and spend some time wondering just how far ahead of me she has gone down the trail completely naked without a shred of clothing with her to cover up with if we happen upon anybody We start to get towards the end of the trail and we're going to have to go through a little neighborhood to get to our car and I'm wondering if she's going all the way to the car This has me wondering about what other of our outdoor activities we can add a little nudity too Angel and Taylor angandtay69 hotmail.

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