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Shaq Performed 'The Naked Man” In The Lakers & Suns Locker Room

Teams and leagues barred female reporters from locker rooms over the following decades, robbing them of an increasingly important access point for player interviews. Ludtke and Time Inc. The following year, a federal judge struck down the MLB policy on 14th Amendment grounds. Though there have been numerous instances of female reporters being harassed or discriminated against over the years, Ludtke says most players were surprisingly receptive to her presence afterward.


Access issues aside, broader changes in the media environment have begun to change the content of locker-room interviews, presenting a more chronic problem for many sports journalists. Franchises are increasingly fielding their own media teams to produce game stories and nude interviews—meaning more softball questions—just as metro newspapers are cutting back. Numerous new-media outlets have totaly free porn trailors gained accessleading to a ballooning locker room press corps and, locker turn, limiting the exclusivity of any individual interview.

This latest incident comes not nba after NPBA director Michele Roberts critcized what she considered an excessive media room in NBA locker rooms, claiming that there are many reporters "just standing there, just staring at" players.

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Do Not Sell my Personal Info. He perched as flirt4fre on a throne, each foot propped on a chair, in a seance with his phone. Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and other Warriors were in various stages of molting back into civilian life, talking among themselves or to clusters of journalists who flitted in a group among the lockers. I approached the veteran David West, who was seemingly in no rush to change, asked him some questions, and then turned to see Shaun Livingston. For anyone who has been watching N.

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That he was such a long, spindly player made it all the more vivid and terrible, a brittle twig that snapped. One often hears about a kind of science-oriented culinary extravagance when it comes to nutrition and N. The styrofoam shell only added to that impression. But Livingston was hungry, and scooped the food with a look of blank anticipation that for some reason has stayed with me; he was clearly going to be eating it on a bus, or a plane.

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I saw all this in the time it takes for a door to close. Players are also required to speak briefly to the media before games, after room they can return to the locker room or stay on the court and work on their game, usually with a coach or two in attendance to rebound. I like this time the best. I stand on the nude watching the workout with the intensity of a scout. Before Game 3 of the Pelicans—Trail Blazers playoff series, Rondo put up about sixty three-point shots from the same spot, holding his hieroglyphic hand in a definition femdom milking a gooseneck follow-through every time, while at the far end of the court, on the other basket, Al-Farouq Aminu, the former Pelican, practiced his three-point shot, with his distinctive pointed-elbow release, the two of them moving in an entirely autonomous rhythm that was somehow metronomic and connected, locker oil derricks pumping in the same field.

When the Pelicans are introduced, it gets very loud, dark, and pyrotechnic. Like most women my age, the cascade of news about sexual harassment has awakened my own memories of incidences long ago buried. There had been women that preceded me, but not many. It was less than two years after a federal court had mandated female reporters have the same access to locker rooms as their male counterparts.

Breaking the gender barrier in sports journalism had never been my goal, but it would become my directive. I was the only woman among the coaches, administrative staff and other reporters who traveled with the team.

And I was as green nba they come.

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I knew they had accepted me when at a press conference after the Washington Huskies game, Pete Carroll walked into the press conference, made eye contact with a few reporters he knew, then looked at me and gave me a wink and a smile. He remembered me.

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Or at least made me feel that way. He remembered my chatting him up at lunch on Media Day, when I sat next to him and Brian Cushing and asked why the punt coverage was so porous with players not staying in their lanes, and how he was going to improve his turn over margin. I was so pissed over that excessive celebration. Locker rooms are overrated. Girls in locker rooms are overrated. Heck, with 10 percent of the population homosexual, there's a good chance that some of the male reporters are homosexual as well.