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her She didn't even know when her heart had stopped beating slowly her it felt as if it could jump right out of her chest. Friends think I've always been in love with sexy girl removing clothes ever since we began having this relationship.

I guess I was just too afraid to admit it in the beginning because I didn't know when you were fucks to leave me. Hinata released a shaky smile as tears began swelling at the ends of her eyes. Love, she repeated. Someone actually loved her.

She had stopped believing that love ever existed since her incident years ago, yet here was Naruto confessing his love to her.

How was she supposed to know how to love again? I don't think I'm able to stay away from you after hearing everything that you've been through. Let's start over and pretend that we were never once just sex partners. I want to love you the right way," Naruto declared, resting his head wholesome hentai her chest as he listened to her beating heart.

He knew she was afraid but he wanted to make her believe that he was sincere, and he was. Now he knew why he never wanted to just leave right after sex. He finally understood that she was the one for him, and that he had long liked her but was just too afraid to express any feelings thinking she would leave him like all his past girlfriends. Hinata circled her hands around his head, letting her slender fingers run through his blonde locks as she kissed his forehead. She heard him exhaled a deep sigh at her touch and felt his head move upwards so that he could see her.

Naruto faint smile appeared on her face when she saw his and that was all it took for her to lean down and capture his lips with hers. She shyly held his cheeks, bringing him closer to her and deepening the kiss with a new taste of pleasure. They had always kissed. It was not a new thing nor had it ever been new to the two but fucks certain night, it was. The kiss did not feel rushed; Naruto wasn't shoving his tongue down her throat or biting her lips until she tasted blood.

Instead, he was kissing her with a gentle touch as if he was afraid he might break her if he was too rough. His right hand was cradling her neck softly as his left held her securely by the waist, keeping her in place. Unlike when he was tackling her down on the bed or locking her between him and the wall, the blonde was staying still on his spot, only moving when he feel that she was ready to move.

She lifted his shirt and he complied, letting her pull it over his head. When she began lifting her shirt over her head, he did not rush to help her. Wanting to let the young Hyuuga feel her and be herself, he let her lead them into sex. He obligated when she slightly pushed him down so that he was lying on his jena mayzing nude and she straddled on top of him.

He permitted her to trailed sloppy kisses down his throat and on his chest while he held her, enjoying the moment. Naruto could feel her tension, the way she was careful with how she moved. Her body quivered, her hands were shaking but he was glad, so glad that that did not cease to make her continue what she was doing. Before one could tell the time, they were both without clothes and the only thing that was carol wayne nude them warm were the body heats radiating from the two of them.

But that night, it was not just pure sex. It was something more, something that both Naruto and Hinata needed more than anything in their lives. It was a night of conveying their love to each other, showing respect to one another and washing away the inner darkness that they had naruto along their fucks for years. Naruto made Hinata feel beautiful again. He showed her that she was more than just another girl whose life got turned upside down by one mistake. His kisses, his gentleness, the way he whispered her name as he made love to her allowed the friends beauty to feel welcomed once more.

Who was wrapping an arm around a sluttier version of herself and Sakura. Hinata's thighs squirmed at the thought and her face went red again. She focused on cooling the heat rushing to her cheeks and refused to acknowledge the heat rushing further down and between her legs. Sakura's earlier confidence had left her. She had been so excited over the original idea, and was brainstorming ideas to seduce Naruto while she'd been grabbing the book. Unfortunately she had somewhat skipped friends step where she was supposed to slowly convince Hinata first.

Sakura realized she didn't have a clue how to talk Hinata into going for the plan. She had just assumed the girl would. That may sound like she was pushing the girl around, but it was more like the idea of the three of them together seemed right and she hadn't even considered the fact that Hinata might not see it the same way.

And was now up creek without a paddle. Well too naruto to back down now. Sakura let out a long breath. Sakura rushed to 'explain' her motivation "I-I mean it would just be like a one time thing. I'm not trying to steal him from you or anything.

I really don't have any feelings for him. I-I really think you both would be happy with each other, a-and you'd said you were nervous being alone and didn't think you could seduce and I wanted to help you out.

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A-and If you're really worried about him not getting turned on we could even put on a little show, j-just australian hairy girl nude get him interested.

She'd had to make it up on the fly and was somewhat talking as she thought. As a result she had also accidentally mentioned some lesbian play with Hinata. Talk about a Freudian slip. It naruto hadn't been part of the original plan but she wasn't thinking and now couldn't stop blushing at the idea. Hinata sat there frozen and closed her eyes. While she was no longer in the Friends clan she still had been trained by them. Her eyes could pick up on small tells very easily. Hinata closed her eyes and began to mentally go over Sakura's story on bit at a time.

Hinata twitched at this one but moved on. Hinata tried to process what had happened. She looked down at the novel in thought as her mind worked a mile a minute. Sakura wanted them to have a threesome with Naruto. Sakura liked Naruto. Sakura wanted Naruto and Hinata fucks be happy together. Sakura wasn't trying to steal him.

Sakura didn't want it to be a one night stand. Naruto tried to sort out what it all could mean. She continued to stare at the book and absent mindedly wondered what it could be about. She knew she was derailing her train of thought, but needed to calm down before she could sort through the mess in her head.

She had read the new Icha Icha books once or twice and something Naruto changed was the character's relationships. Naruto's stories always had the sex scenes lead to long lasting love, rather than meaningless flings.

With that in mind she fucks how he could possibly write a friends based on a threesome. If the girls were supposed to both sleep with him, and the her scenes always lead to a relationship, would one guy be dating both girls at once? Hinata wanted to scoff at the idea, it seemed nearly impossible. First the guy would need to have some reason her falling for two women. : Naruto

If it "just happened" there would be no guarantee he would stay loyal to the two instead of just falling for more women. There would have fucks be some factor that made him fall for different girls, but wouldn't make him cheat on those friends. Maybe if he was emotionally stunted, hadn't realized what love was, then by the time he knew naruto his feelings for the two meant, they were already too strong to give up. On top of that the panjab sexx would need to be friends themselves.

They would practically, or literally live together so they'd need to be on good terms. Maybe it would work if the two had know each other before the whole situation. They should also probably be different, It her make more sense for him to not pick favorites if they served different roles in his life.

One could be shy and soft while the other was confident but brash at times.

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Hinata blinked her eyes. She felt really dumb. Sakura wanted the three of them to have a long term relationship. It had taken the stupid porn book for her to realize it, but it wild milf pussy the only conclusion that made sense. Hinata looked up at the pink haired girl, she was biting her plump lips and looking at Hinata with wide emerald eyes. Hinata felt herself heat up at the idea. As a young genin, her would have said yes to the idea, purely out of fear Sakura would just take Naruto herself.

As a Juicy booty ts, Hinata wouldn't have known Sakura enough to trust the other girl with Naruto's wounded heart, so she would have said no. However now Hinata was a Jounin and she didn't friends what to think. As the snow fell, Hinata looked to her best friend. Hadn't she basically described their situation as the best way for a three person relationship to work?

Her guessing at the book's plot had basically been friends describing the scenario they actually lived in. Hinata closed her eyes. She pictured herself and Naruto lying in bed. Her head on his shirtless chest with his prosthetic arm around her back. The white sheets under them made Hinata's short hair noticeable, she'd never wanted short hair after growing it out, but for some reason it seemed to fit with her older self. The couple opened their eyes and Naruto turned his head toward Her imaginary future self.

The husband and wife shared a loving kiss, and the real Hinata had a small smile on her face. Suddenly the dream couple were grabbed from Naruto's other side, and a pink missile flopped onto them. Lying half across, half ontop of the two was an older Sakura who was pouting for being left out. The imaginary daydream zoomed out to show the blond embracing both girls as the trio began to chat and wake up slowly.

The small smile on Hinata's face fucks much larger at the new image. She knew it sounded weird and she should probably be mad at Sakura for having a crush on Naruto. But the thought of all three of them sharing a bed, a house, a family, their lives, their loves, It just seemed right.

Hinata had made her decision. Sakura was getting worried as the silence stretched. Satsuki really wants to get vengeance on her sister So she's conflicted, and Itami has to drill the lesson back into her her.

Kushina finds herself heartbroken at her son's wedding, and an opportunistic Konohamaru fucks the chance to make his move on the MILF of his dreams when she's at her most vulnerable and desperate. Canon Divergent: Naruto is a skilled puppet user, and slowly but surely he starts building a harem, from friends and foes alike.

It is just one step closer to becoming Hokage. Naruto Male Harem If you like my work please consider supporting me on patreon. The same place, the same naruto, but with a different outfit from when they last naruto.

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It felt like ages for the medic, but when his fingers rasped against the door, she couldn't help but grin. For the first time in her professional career, Sakura Haruno would break her rules as a nurse, adding something extra to what would otherwise be a routine examination. A link can be found in the story. My Naruto harem stories are getting pretty convoluted, huh?

The thick asses substitute proper character development. If you like plot and backstory, consider donating to my Patreon!

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