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Then she moved closer to me, opened her mouth and slid her lips over my cock head, taking it into her mouth! Man, I was getting head from my hot stepsister! Talking about masturbation with my sister sister had gotten this teen extremely horny. I could tell she was really turned on, so I put her on her hands and knees and exposed her pink pussy burger and tight asshole, spreading her pussy lips with my fingers and running them up and down her wet slit as I fingered her.

Man, she was gushing! She was looking at my dick and smiling. I was staring at her pink pussy. I lowered myself until my cock head met her pussy lips. I rammed my hard cock deep inside her wet cunt and began fucking her hard from behind while she looked over her shoulder. It was fucking hot, because as I was fucking her, she was thrusting her hips back and forth in response.

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They would look at me and break into peals of laughter. I found myself avoiding them. I was getting scared shitless! My cock, though, just got more and more turned on by the possibilities. Growing up, I had always worshipped my older sisters. A year older than I was, they had always been popular, confident, and at ease.

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They were always in the cool crowd at school. And not surprisingly so; they were gorgeous! As they grew up, they only became more beautiful each year. By the time they went away to college, they had huge, sensual breasts, slim graceful waists, and full, carnal hips.

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sister They had long shapely legs, cascading blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and faces like Greek goddesses. They had all the boyfriends they could ever want. And I was their gangly, nerdy, also-ran younger brother. And now, they were acting as if they were going to jump my bones. If they were even serious in the first place, that was! Friday finally arrived. They left us some money for food, and their itinerary. And a final admonition to "be good and play nice" with each other.

That sister part worried me! No sooner had the door slammed behind them than Britney and Whitney turned to me, with flashing blue eyes. She was sizing me up like a butcher examining a side of beef. Sis and I have discussed it.

It is our duty to break you in, sexually. By the time you go back to school in the fall, you will sexy the sexual dynamo that you always wanted to be. You will be a stud. You will be a love-making machine. You will be an expert. We guarantee it. I saw their heaving bosoms, their clenching fists, their resolute mouths. They meant business. Also, I found out later, they were missing their boyfriends from college, and the endless hours of savage sex that they had grown accustomed to on campus. They needed this as much as I did. They grabbed me by the arms and dragged me into our parent's bedroom, my heels dragging on the carpet.

This was the only room in the house with a double bed. They threw me onto the mattress. Together, they ripped off my t-shirt, my sneakers, my jeans, my white tube socks, and my Dilbert boxers. Soon I sister lying naked on the lavender sheets of our parent's double bed. Britney and Whitney looked at each other, then at my naked young body, and then back at each other.

They giggled. I thought they were giggling at my virginal body, but they weren't. They both gaped at my tool, which was standing at chat sex viet nam and bobbing slightly with my pulse. They both giggled some more, but also continued to stare in awe at my cock. They approached each other, and began taking off each other's clothes. Clearly they had done this before. Sexy grabbed Whitney's top by the waist band and lifted it off over her head.

Whitney unbuttoned Britney's shirt, button by button, and threw it aside. Then they embraced, and reached behind each other's backs to undo the clasps of their bras.

Before I knew it, my beautiful, buxom, stacked blonde twin sisters were standing before me, stripped to the waist, their pendulous boobs bobbing in front of my naked body in our parent's bedroom. It was surreal. I felt my cock waving in the air like a conductor's baton. They embraced, and then, to both my horror and amazement, they kissed! They pressed their swollen, sensual lips together, and their tongues darted out, dancing and playing together like sword fighters in a sexy movie, jousting and thrusting and parrying.

I watched in fascination, my naked, tumescent cock growing even larger by the second.

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I think they had momentarily forgotten that I was even there. As she slowly slid upwards, her tongue swirled around my shaft driving me wild crazy with lust. I was never so completely aroused as I was that very second. My cock was fucking huge as she held only my cock head in her mouth. As she looked into my eyes, she knew I was ready for her.

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I've been thinking the same thing too. I need your cock inside me bro. She pressed her tits sexy as her saliva lubricated my cock, her sister moving up and down slowly, allowing the throbbing shaft to glide easily between those huge globes of breast flesh. As my cock head poked out between them, she flicked her tongue across it over and over.

I was now completely wild with lust for my gorgeous sibling. Unable to withstand any more, in one smooth move, I grabbed my sexy sister by the waist, lifted her up, her soft breasts sliding up across my chest as I lowered her, I felt her small fingers circling my thick shaft, guiding my swollen cock to her wet opening as my cock slid slowly deep inside her hot wet pussy.

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We sat there motionless, her head resting on my shoulder as she panted in my ear, my cock throbbing deep inside my little sister's hot cunt. Your cock feels so huge inside me. I love you Ronnie," she breathed softly in my cuckold hookup. Sitting in my recliner, my rigid shaft buried deep inside my younger sister's pussy, I looked deep into her sexy blue eyes as I felt a tear well up in my eye, "I love you too Amy.

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I have wanted this all my life. Our mouths opened, lips parted as our tongues chased each other. Slowly our hips began to move, the friction between our bodies was simply electric. Nerves were stimulated in such a way as we had never felt before. I had made love to many women, but nothing could compare to the intensity of arousal I was feeling at that very moment. Amy arched her back, bringing her hard nipples to my mouth.

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I suckled one after the other as she slid up and down on my thick cock. I could feel her juices trickling around the base of my shaft. Faster and faster as she drove my huge cock deeper inside her tight pussy. Her knees were at my sides as she rode my thick cock for all its worth.

We fucked hard and fast for several minutes, her riding me as she moaned out in pleasure. My hands on her hips, pulling her down hard on each downward thrust as I thrust upward to drive deeper inside her.

I was so close to cumming but I wanted sister to last forever. To forever capture the very first moments of a life long fantasy. Slowly I stood sexy, holding my throbbing cock deep inside her, her legs and arms wrapped riley reid bikini me as I slowly walked her to my bedroom. As I laid her down on my bed, my rigid cock slipped out of her gorgeous pussy. She was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, laying there on her back, legs spread wide open for her older brother's view.

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Suddenly I felt the strong desire to taste my sexy sister's pussy. As I moved onto the bed between her legs, I could feel the cool air touching my juice covered cock. Kneeling down, my tongue traced trails up and down the insides of her thighs. I could feel her fingers running through my hair as my tongue moved closer towards her wet pussy. Her moans of desire fueled my passion, "Hmmmm yes big brother, lick your hot little sister's pussy. Her hips pushed upwards, trying to force my tongue inside her.

My tongue teased circles around her wet pussy as she gyrated her hips from side to side. I held her waist firmly just above her hips as she writhed sister pleasure. I model image sex wap closer and closer to her engorged clit, softly holding it between my lips as I gently flicked my tongue across it, teasing her as I gradually increased the pressure against her swollen sexy.

I sucked and licked my little sister's clit until she was begging me to fuck her, until she was bucking her pussy mound into my mouth. Ummmmmmmmmmm shit, yesssssssss, oh shit, fuck me, god oh please fuck me! She was ready, ready to make love to her lusting older brother for the first sister. Sliding her thighs off my shoulders, I traced soft kisses up over her soft belly, over sexy huge white breasts, only stopping a second or two to lick each swollen nipple.

My kisses ran up her shoulder to suckle the base of her neck. As I breathed these words into her ear, "Ready for my cock sis?