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I'm Irish Catholic, Ladies' Home Journal. Archived from the original on January 8, Archived from the original on December 31, Long Island Weekly. July 26, Retrieved July bad, Retrieved May 20, Toronto Star.

March 2, Retrieved May 9, Barnard College. SMU Magazine. May 13, New York Times. Los Angeles Times. Entertainment Weekly. Hollywood Reporter. TV Guide. Retrieved July 13, Archived from the original on October 31, Retrieved October 28, Archived from the original on June 12, Retrieved June 23, January 30, bad Retrieved January 30, Retrieved March 14, She has the most amazing smile …. I love santa so much. I have to wonder how he lands good looking women. That was enough to put me off of Lauren Graham for good and yes I was a pictures fan of the Gilmore girls.

I forgot how incredibly funny this movie is, just watching the little bits on youtube brought it al back though! I msut admit pictures the first time I watched it I knew nothing lauren the movie and was expecting a more traditional santa movie, so that first time it was graham bit of a shock and cringe-worthy.

But I happened to watch it a second time at a friends house and graham just laughed the whole time! Now, if only I could get that mantra. One person found this helpful. Amazon have a habit of dumping all reviews into all film formats. So please note that this review is for the Blu-Ray version and so quality and features may vary.

The sexy thick models quality of this film is exactly what I would expect from Blu-Ray, sharp santa, good definition, clear and colourful. I can't comment too much on audio quality as this lauren playing through standard TV speakers, but what I heard was fine.

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This is a very funny film, but if you are likely to be offended by the overuse of bad language, course sexual humour, a Santa that hates children and makes his feelings known to them and glamourising drunken behaviour, then you may want to steer clear of this film.

For those not familiar with the film the story centres around 2 burglars who, every year, scope the security of a department store in the run up to Christmas and then when the safe is full, they break into lauren and steal the money. Willie Billy Bob Thornton is a pictures cracker and gets employment in a stores Christmas grotto as Santa. His side kick and brains behind the operations is Marcus Tony Cox. He dresses up as an elf and due to graham size is able to traverse the santa ducts and bypass security.

It is a brilliant plan that pays dividends every year, but there is one major flaw; Willie is bad drunk who women in asia nude pics filled with hatred for everything and everyone.

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In Bad Santa they pick up a job where the store manager Bob Chipeska John Ritter is a socially awkward boss who full naked lords of porn upon store detective Gin Pictures Mac to sort out the day to day problems that drunk Willie is causing for the store. Unfortunately, Gin is a bit corrupt and so Willie is able to get away with swearing bad shouting at children, have sex with larger ladies in the dressing rooms, turn up so drunk he urinates himself and falls asleep on the floor.

In the build lauren to this burglary Willie cons his way into a 10 year old Thurman's Brett Kelly home who is looked after by his confused grandmother.

Slowly a relationship builds between the 2 helped along with a bartender, Sue Lauren Graham who has a thing for Santa after meeting him in a bar. The film is filled with unrepeatable, yet memorable moments. A timeless kind of humour that has the film being replayed year after year. When you get a bit fed up of all the softer Santa stories of love, joy and happiness and you feel like you need an escape into the darker side of Santa, then pop this graham the player.

The blooper reel had me in hysterics especially the scenes between the santa both deceased John Ritter and Bernie Mac.

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The scene with Gin making Bob Chipeska feel uncomfortable spelling out what Willie has been getting up to was in itself a very funny moment in the film, but the outtakes of this scene had me rolling on the floor.

This production from the director Terry Zwigoff who in had directed "Ghost World" slutty horny sexy orgies this irreverent take on the festive holidays, Billy Bob Thornton is perfectly cast as the title character who somehow makes this wholly unsavoury figure likeable in a dark and twisted way and his little helper played by Tony Cox is the perfect comic foil, this is the late John Ritter's last film and is dedicated to him as he passed away in September and this movie opened in November in the U.

How does it feel to have the most pretentious last name in the history of television? Lauren Graham: I know, right? It sounds like bragging. The Bravermans. Braver men.

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The last time I did a character like that—with a name that made it feel impossible to fill her shoes—was Molly Davenport from the sitcom Conrad Bloom. Well, Lorelai Gilmore ran an inn, which basically meant that for seven years I handed keys to day players who were carrying luggage. That is what people who run hotels do.

I also answered the phone. And occasionally I tended to people like Norman Mailer in the dining room. On this season of Parenthood, you character is involved in a love bangbus monica with Billy Baldwin and the gay guy named Jesus from True Blood.

Who are you rooting for? Apparently he left her to become a terrorist. Ah, I get you. Are they the same person?

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No, no, no. Our Sookie is for some reason being called Molly now.

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No, I was excited. Parenthood co-star Peter Krause worked with him on Dirty Sexy Money and he really enjoyed working with him.

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So we had to pick from a small list. And you still have a hard time finding actors who can do a scene with you at eye level? I dated all of them. And he really cheats on his wife. She never saw Seinfeld because she refuses to watch anything with Jason Alexander after he tried to rape Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.