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A beautiful actress known only for her acting ability? What year is this? Ace this quiz and you can feel a little less guilty about ogling the photos above. If characters Beckinsale has played in different movies were to meet, which is the likeliest scenario? In a commercial for Diet Coke, as bikini-clad Kate Beckinsale walks around a pool, her beverage unleashes something on sunbathers that makes them dive in.

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It's an odd thing to have this sort of spread of incredible reviews and then nobody sees it," she says. Usually it's the ones you're most embarrassed about that are on the side of every bus. She was back this fall with one she might have hoped stayed off the buses, a same-old Antarctic detective story called Whiteout, and again this winter with an arresting drama built on great performances including hersEverybody's Fine, with Robert De Niro. She has always worked steadily, but this may be one of the movies that stands out for her and reminds the world of her skill — like Brokedown Palace, like the otherwise lifeless Pearl Harbor, even The Aviator, in which she played a stunning Ava Gardner.

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It's over. I think my sabbatical has to be over. Her fingernails are pretty chipped up, for one thing. She makes a fist on the flat of the tablecloth, tucking her lousy manicure out of sight.

I get caught looking. Twisty xxx hands are large, outsized, but lithe. Big enough that they arouse simple verbs: to wrap, to grip, to hold, to crush. It seems a natural point to ask her the punching question. Does it feel good to punch a man?

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I punch a guy and he flies over a wall. So I tend to feel like that's me that did that," she says.

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That's when I invite her to punch me. It amuses her to say this. A single lock of out-of-place hair hangs over her valerie nude, bobbing in front of her mouth as she speaks. Her breath keeps it moving.

Then she dips her napkin in her drinking water and presses it to her neck. And finally it is just too hot for her.

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She stands, unfolds to her tiptoes, slides her thighs between the tables, and eases herself through toward me. She sits down, shoulder to shoulder, out of the heat. Once you're pinned by someone who weighs twice as much as you do, there really isn't much you can do except flail at the testicles with your toe.

I do tend to walk around like a Chihuahua in my house.

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You know, one of those little dogs that sees the big dogs and starts giving them attitude? I'm a Chihuahua with the soul of a lion. She turns her head, then does a little double take, drawing in very close to my face. Something is amiss. The tinny revival of Steel Magnolias parades onward, and I feel increasingly like Zooey Deschanel, always the girl's best girlfriend.

Even so, I can't help but blurt out, "What about bikini models big boobs sex beard? It's so gray. Can you help me with that?

She sits back and assesses the situation. Why would I ask her about this stuff? What's with all the sisterly camaraderie? This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures that will make you fall in love with her.

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So sit back and enjoy a thrill-ride of Kate Beckinsale big booty pictures. These Kate Beckinsale big butt pictures are sure to leave you mesmerized and awestruck.

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In this section, enjoy our galleria of Kate Beckinsale near-nude pictures as well. Kate Beckinsale is known for her portrayal in small-time television roles.