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But Demi's Instagram shows that this Bachelor star is so much more than Corinne 2. And, to be fair, they are using some seriously similar tactics. On Nick Viall's season, Corinne changed out of her rose ceremony gown, into a trench coat and brought a bottle of whipped cream for her and Nick to play with.

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fake On Colton's season, Demi slipped into a robe and brought Colton up to her bedroom for a sensual massage. Both ladies are also prone to speaking about how confident they are and using sex appeal to entice their respective Bachelors.

Demi and Corrine even have a similar lookprompting fans to compare them on social media. But, as it turns out, it's actually social media that reveals a different side of Demi entirely. Outside of Bachelor episodes, she's funny, light-hearted, and kind of a nerd. In fact, her Instagram persona might even make her biggest detractors genuinely like her.

For one, Demi's not afraid to poke fun at herself. You can see that in the caption for this photo where she cheekily references how her fellow contestant Kaitlin called her a child.

Demi is Here Demi writes: "Me a child hanging out with my friends. Tryna work out how Caitlyn Jenner has 20 grandkids imacelebrity pic. Is it just me or did Caitlin Jenner just say Kylies pregnant? Casey Jenner has three, and brother Brandon one child with twins due early next year thanks to partner Casey Stoker, adding up to 16 grandchildren with two on the way in Years before she transitioned, Caitlyn appeared on the US show alongside the likes of entertainment reporter Robin Leach and actress Melissa Rivers.

Nude of that is reflected witcher their looks, which are far more serene than in seasons to come. Melissa Lackersteen remembers that time. Martin's universe to life.

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Part of her job involved developing the looks for characters we've come to know and love. And although she said she had to keep things pretty natural, given the medieval-ish setting of the show, she was able to play around with how the characters' emotional journeys impacted their appearance.

Take the scenes in which Daenerys is pulling a Moses, and wandering through the desert with what remains of her khalasar. You have to do it in the right way, without making them look too tired and horrible and not looking like bags. It's a lovely kind of vulnerable look.

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Then, shaded her slightly and I did this drying effect on her lips so she looked parched and dirty and dry. That was one of my favorite looks. She goes through so much with losing her baby and then Khal Drogo. She's understanding her responsibility. It's that whole toughened look. She's still quite vulnerable, in a way. That was when you see her start to change. There is far more to onscreen makeup than making someone look pretty, and Lackersteen's body of work is proof. You know what those films all have in common?