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You can do a lot with GIF animation, but the web has long been missing a simple animation format with full bit color and 8-bit transparency Alpha channel to take animation to the next level.

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Say good-bye to loss of color resolution and lack of transparency control. Both show the same GIF animation. Against white it looks great it was hand-tuned to work with whitebut it's not so nice against any other background. That's where Animated PNG comes in. A single animation will work against any background solid, patterned, whatever and still look great, shadows and all.

If all you see is two static images, your browser does not yet support APNG.

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Too bad. Aldo keep things pretty simple in this design, but the festive red combined with the cool, textured black background creates a noticeable contrast. In this campaign, Julep have gone for a slightly different approach. Recreate this in Mail Designer Combi layout blocks are a great way to balance out text and images side by side. Write inspiring product descriptions or include a bullet list of key features:.

Try out combi layout block styles to balance out images with interesting product descriptions.

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Graze have taken us by storm with this lightning bolt design. This is a great way to stand out from competitors on Black Friday and the color combination also hits the spot. As shown here by Rent the Runwaysometimes simple does the trick. Martens demonstrate yet another drastic color scheme with this vibrant design. The gif at the top again creates a sense of urgency and big, bold lettering communicates gif offer well.

Black Friday email hot get some of the highest open ratesso you might as well use the chance to promote your business while you can! Forever 21 sneak an element of pink into this Black Hot design. The temptation to click and reveal their discount is too much for many customers to resist. The gold accents also add a festive tone to the design and get customers in the money-spending mood. Pink well as the eye-catching feature graphic, the clear layout also makes the promotion more effective and the deals easier to shop.

The Christmas Shop graphic in the laura linney fake sex of the email also does a good job of getting readers ready for holiday shopping.

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This monochrome design by Flannels is super cool. Using only black products in the background of pink email is hot clever take on the Black Friday theme.

We hope these 21 awesome examples have come in useful, and that you will try out some of the techniques and ideas mentioned in this article when designing your own emails. APNG stands for "Animated PNG" and is a new extension to the PNG file format that promises to allow the simple creation of gorgeous frame-based gif with bit color and full Alpha-channel support.


The big limitation of the GIF format has always been a lack of bits. Each frame is limited to only colors, and even worse, transparency is limited to only 1 bit opaque or transparent and nothing in between.

APNG promises to fix this limitation. GIF Movie Gear GMG could already read and write several static image formats with bit color and an Alpha channel, but until now there was no file format that supported animation with such richness. Two browsers currently have support for APNG 0. Whether or not this support will continue is uncertain.

Run the self-installing executable to install the software. This was the first Spring having Peonies in our garden.

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Your drawings are looking wonderful! Oh my goodness! Peonies are the most beautiful flowers in the universe. Thank you for making my day. You lucky girl! Such gorgeous flowers.