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This wholly fictional description has since been repeated in numerous conspiracy theories. While Frazzledrip got its start on Facebook and Twitter, it soon found a more permanent home among YouTube conspiracy theorists. The nature of YouTube's recommendation system often results in conspiracy theory videos appearing alongside legitimate news items.

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Similar to QAnonFrazzledrip is a metastasization of the Pizzagate conspiracy, which claimed, without evidence, a cabal of Democratic politicians trafficked and sexually abused children out of D. As with Pizzagate, Frazzledrip relies in part on adherents taking transgressive art literally, with both conspiracy theories conflating the work of performance artist Marina Abramovic for Satanic ritual.

Another image widely claimed to be from the Frazzledrip video depicts a projection on the wall of Comet Ping Pong during a public concert. While YouTube claims to have taken measures to curb conspiracy theory videos, the nature of its automated recommendations, combined with a clear profit motive, pose major obstacles to substantial reform. For now, YouTube remains a key component of online conspiracy theorizing, funneling everyday users to propaganda produced by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and alt-right hoaxers.

What Is Frazzledrip? Fake Hillary Clinton Video Builds on Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory

The Rubinjer account posted the porn video to that same community in Since last September, the Internet Research Agency had thousands of accounts deleted from FacebookTwitter and Tumblrwhere they pushed divisive messages while posing as Americans.

Reddit said it purged suspected accounts as far back as Attempts to push the porn video largely fell flat, with most users expressing skepticism. The troll farm account mostly posted relatable memes on Imgur to gain trust with users. Rubinjer also used Reddit to promote an anti-Hillary Clinton video game, titled Hilltendo, before the election.

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Identifying Russian disinformation became a hobby for many users on Reddit, who believed state-sponsored trolls were plaguing the platform.

I mean, not a whole lot of people would know about an anti-Clinton Flash game other than troll farm employees. On Tuesday, Huffman informed Reddit users their process in identifying Russian propaganda accounts in an announcement post.

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