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Harley Quinn, as portrayed in Suicide Squad, glorifies mental illness. Plus, it uses an outdated view of schizophrenia. First of all, most people with schizophrenia and mental illness in general are NOT violent and do NOT pose a danger to others.

Second, schizophrenia is more than just hearing voices — it is a complex disorder and many patients can live fulfilling lives with proper treatment. One of the main criticisms about Suicide Squad is that the writing was incredibly inconsistent, and unfortunately, this carries over to characters such as Harley Quinn as well.

Instead, I got a sexed-up atrocious parody of a strong female character with inconsistent writing and who glorified abusive relationships. Misogyny at its finest, am I right?

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Unfortunately, many women have been victims of domestic abuse and Dr. What makes the relationship worse is that Harley never grows a spine and never leaves the Joker. Instead, she meekly submits to his will and never does some soul-searching and realizes that the Joker is only using her as a plaything Suicide Squad could have provided much-needed commentary on domestic abuse, but it failed to do so. Sure, Warner Bros. Amanda Ferris has been writing for seven years on a wide variety of topics, which include pets to the latest entertainment news.

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Mushiness abounds under the cut. Omg I miss riding my bike so bad. Rain rain go away me and Harley need to play. Fan artists are ecstatic over Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's confirmed hookup is saved! Lauren Gordon laurengord0n.

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Dec 14, PM PopCulture. Out of costume, casual, and cute AF.

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