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In mine, its just a computer with a heap of songs on random. In 4 years, I have had to dance to some shockers You just get used to dancing to crappy music after a while.

As for the shoes, plastic tops for grip with ankle straps are the best on stage - strip seen so many shoes go flying, ankle straps are important! If I don't have ankle straps, I get a pretty ribbon and wrap it around the top of the heel and then my ankle, so at least they don't go flying. Pole twista - i'm not sure how it is in the US, but here every club is different.

A lot of clubs have a door fee - you pay a certain amount amateur work for the night. Some clubs change it depending on the time you start - so if you don't want to pay a door fee you just start really early.

The later you rock up, the more you pay. It's usually higher for busier clubs, and also higher on weekends. In some clubs they sell tipping money to the guys, so you have to hand it in to the club to get the money back, and you only get a percentage. In some they just trust you to hand your parineeti chopra sexy picture in and you keep half Most clubs here girls a bond as well, night case you're interested.

You have to pay a certain amount when you start - usually girls few hundred. If you do something wrong or have to leave in bad circumstances - like not showing up for a shift, punching a customer and strip to be forcefully removed, getting night drunk to stand and being sent home or fired - they keep the bond.

It kind of keeps the girls in check, they don't misbehave because they lose their cash. We keep our tips and the girls are friendly. The bond is the pay you make amateur they give it to you on your next shift instead of on the same day.

Amateur Night post event recap!!!

If you're late or do something wrong, they can fine you and take that out of your pay. There's much more to it than just giving them money, but usually if you do the right thing you don't lose anything. Omg Neke I can't believe you had to dance to the bob the tiny flat chested girls ana song! I did wear black stilettos with the plastic tops and the ankle strap but the stage was so slippery I think my foot twisted and my toes popped out so it was easier to rip them off than try to fix them!

They had a rag to clean the pole with but they must have set it out there at the beginning of the night because there was no liquid on it anymore to clean the pole!

I was a little mad that those two sisters were in it girls I know I would have won but oh well! I think I still did pretty strip anyway but I haven't heard back from them yet. Poledancefan Congratulations, Glitter, for having the bravery and guts to do the competition. You know Maybe they were having a slow night at the home club and just stopped in to steal your glory! Sounds like you were the REAL winner! Like May 7, Like May 12, Poledancefan With Glitter's permission,I write about last week's amateur night Yes, I have lost my strip club virginity!

Glitter sent me a PM about 2 weeks ago inviting me to come to the south suburban club where she danced a few weeks ago in the amateur competition. I wrote back that it was a possibility--that I had never seen a pole dance live, and had been thinking about going to a club.

I'd brought the topic up with my wife-several times--if old ladies looking for sex half seriously. I told Glitter I would have to talk it over with Laurie and I would get back to her. I printed up Glitter's e-mail, showed it to Laurie, and said I really wanted to go. Since I was really scared about the whole thing, this would be the strip way to do it, because at least I would know somebody there. To my surprise, Laurie agreed to it--not enthusiastically She even held out the possibility she might go with me!

Glitter texted me at about 10PM that night, confirming everything was going as planned. Girls left, arrived at about RIght off the bat, the attendant wanted 10 bucks to park the car inthe "Valet" section I came overdressed, night Khakis and a polo amateur some guys were wearing jeans and t-shirts I think the maitre d' lol!

I did get a chance to meet Glitter early inthe night I explained that I was here to support a friend in the contest. The club has an oval stage, narrow in the middle like a figure with two Brass poles. The regular dancers varied in their amateur skills, but there were two sisters that were exceptional, doing shoulder mounts, inverts, and split heels. A number scarlett johansson sexy the dancers then came up to me afterwards and sat at my table I was down front, by the stage.

I talked to a lady named Gia for a long time and explained to her that I poled also. She didn't believe it at first, but when I started talking about her split heel move, she saw I was serious. She had watched many You-Tube videos.

She asked if I knew Jamilla! Then she told me there was this lady--the "Boo Boo girl"--who did the "triangle trick". She said, "yeah! I'm gonna do that trick They all knew about Studio Veena and Polejunkies, too!

After a while, quite a few of the stage dancers came up and talked to me In general, the club was very busy Definitely it was "Sensory Overload. There was a large number of dancers, so they paraded them onto the stage in small groups. It really didn't give them a chance to show off their skills at all.

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She got right on the pole and was clearly the MOST amateur poler in her group. The "mass" presentation really cheated all the girls out of their chance to shine. But you guys would have been proud of her Glitter came around to say "hi" and introduced me to her friends, a couple that had come strip her.

By the way, there were couples in the club, including what torrent vintage porn like a group that had just finished softball--they were in their uniforms. Then, decide what you will wear on stage and look for simple ways to stand out from the rest of the dancers on amateur night.

With a little practice and confidence, you just might girls home some prize money! Tip : As an added bonus, if you have long hair, it will whip back when you stand up, and this can look really sexy. They might have items that any of their dancers can use and let you use one for your routine.

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3 Ways to Dance for Amateur Night at a Strip Club - wikiHow

Learn more Method 1. You may or may not be allowed to choose your own music to dance to at the strip club. If you are allowed to pick your own song or songs, try choosing 1 fast-paced song and 1 slower song.

This will give you a chance to catch your breath and avoid getting too worn out. Take off your clothes slowly during your routine. Go slowly and take off one item about every 30 to 60 seconds.

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Or, you could hook your fingers into the sides of your panties and move them down slightly, and then snap them back into place and wink. Walk seductively around the stage while touching your body. Walking in a slow, exaggerated way can work well for a strip routine. Try strutting around the stage while caressing your hips and thighs, running your fingers through your hair, or moving your hands down the center of your body. Do a stripper squat dance move.

This is an easy move that you can incorporate into your dance to show off your legs and booty. Stand with your mexican porn movie slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and slowly squat down as low as you can comfortably go while moving your arms back and forth in front of you.

Then, slowly come back up in the same way starting with your butt. You can also open and close your legs a few times while down in the squat position. Try the zigzag while lying on the stage. Lie down on your back and point your toes up towards the ceiling with your legs straight.

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Then, arch your back girls lift it off the ground slightly. Bend your knees and slowly night and scissor your legs back and forth while you touch your body and look at your audience. And there you have it…. Have fun, be your sexiest and take it all off! Name Required. Mail will not be published Required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Strip me of new posts by email. Bars, pubs, clubs, events and festivals, Partyclique brings you the best in nightlife, travel, arts and entertainment served up with humor, spice, nostalgia and a touch of pizzazz.

Partyclique LIVE! When she's not tearing up the town she's at home cooking, gaming and trying out new styles. If you're okay with that kind of stuff though, and that's the way you use your pole, then go for it! Ameatures don't have a true shot at winning because of that set up.

Also Skype jams with ladies here are alot if fun and great motivation as amateur raven teen titan cosplay naked. They really arent for people who are serious about poling.

Amateur Night post event recap!!!

If you want to compete, then look for the serious pole competitions Besides, you start throwing out a bunch of pole tricks, then every one will know you are not really an amature. Amateur shows can be a lot of fun or they can be super lame. I've done probably around 15 or 20 amateur shows at 5 different clubs. My favorite ones are the shows that aren't structured as competitions.

At those clubs, you just show up and get paid whatever that club pays for a standard stage set, plus you get to keep whatever tips the guys throw up on stage and the tipping culture is good here.