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Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Inwith Lvov'sJews having been exiled, killed, or forced into ghettos and facing extermination, a group of Polish Jews daringly sought refuge in the city's sewer system. The last surviving member this group, Krystyna Chiger, shares one of the most intimate, harrowing and ultimately triumphant tales of survival to emerge from the Holocaust.

The Girl in the Green Sweater: A Life in Holocaust’s Shadow - Krystyna Chiger |

The Girl in the Green Sweater is Chiger's harrowing first-person account of the fourteen months she spent with her family in the fetid, underground sewers of Lvov. A Polish Catholic and former thief, Socha risked his life to help Chiger's underground family survive, bringing them food, medicine, and supplies.

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She and her brother tried to make the best of the situation, but there was death and fear surrounding them constantly. Even in the darkest despair, Krystyna shares her thoughts as a little girl and keeps the reader intrigued by the story and the sheer miracle of survival.

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Though this book is written through the eyes of a child, the content is difficult and detailed, and is not, in its entirety, appropriate for every student.

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Fincha fingering-weight percent wool yarn that offers excellent stitch definition and a large palette of colors. The next step was to knit the sweater herself, and also to have knitter friends and relatives test out the pattern. Although Dr.

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Kristine Keren as Krystyna Chiger is now known transferred ownership of the sweater to the USHMM following its initial loan for the exhibition, Stern felt it was only fappenung to seek her dakota fanning nude for the project. Following the war, Keren and her family lived in Krakow before immigrating to Israel in Keren studied dentistry in Jerusalem, opened a private practice and married fellow Holocaust survivor Marion Kwasniewski.

The couple, who has two sons, moved to the US inwhere Keren, now 84, continued her dental practice. She also brought with her several copies of the sweater in various shades of green and invited a grateful Keren to keep one.

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Then she passed it on to Keren for safekeeping. Over 1, copies of the pattern have been sold since Octoberwith interest in the project heightened since Stern recently published an article on it in Piecework Magazine.

Stern, who has created a pattern for an updated, adult-size version of the green sweater, as well as a pattern for another Holocaust-era sweater, said she is amazed by the response she has received. As much as Stern, a lifelong knitter, loves to create items people will actually wear, she knows the green sweater is about more than merely keeping warm or looking good.

Kristine Keren center holds replica of her green sweater from the Holocaust made from knitting pattern created by Dr. Lea Stern left.