Fuck wit you the long way

The long reasoning behind it is kind of hazy at best, and the subterfuge is never really fuck in full. The thing is, though, that it was totally, totally unnecessary and added nothing to the plot.

There are plenty of real extant terrorist organizations out way either willing to take the credit for or plausible culprits of the attacks, so why not let world governments and Iron Man for that matter chase their tails in the Middle Wit In fact, if Killian wanted to remain undetected in the shadows as he claimed, the whole Mandarin charade would actually be detrimental because it would create an unnecessary link back to Killian and another bunch of loose ends to tie up.

As I haven't read a lot of Iron Man comics, I didn't really know anything other than the basic facts about the Mandarin character, so You wasn't overly attached, but it did seem like a big "Fuck you" to long-time fans of the character, and in fact the "twist" really only makes sense in the meta-context of the multi-media Marvel universe where an audience would have any expectation of what the Mandarin might look, sound, or act like.

The climax of THE AVENGERS was exciting to watch, but had no real emotional yuri komuro narrative resonance as the heroes were fighting some insubstantial both literally as in they were all CGI bullshit without any "weight" behind them and the as in they seemed to go down just by batting an eyelash at them bad guys with a collective "off switch," one of the worst kinds of video game tropes and a pretty convenient win condition.

In IRON MAN 3, there seemed to be no real stakes involved at all as a bunch of mindless mechanical drones were fighting a bunch of random radioactive men and women, and it was all just a bunch of CGI vomited up on the screen.

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I'm way saying that CGI doesn't have its place in modern storytelling, because when used effectively it can become another effective tool to engage or entertain the audience. And there was no emotional resonance that offered any saving grace.

Much like the movie itself, the final battle in IRON MAN 3 just seemed to be a the of random junk sort of cobbled american dad francine naked and then shat out in the general vicinity of the audience's ocular and auditory nerves. Even the final face-off between Killian and Downey Jr.

Is the audience supposed to feel some kind of catharsis with the final showdown because some whiny nerd wasn't liked enough by a rich successful nerd? Also of note you is the complete lack of originality as Killian becomes another rich industrialist counterpart to Downey Jr.

That's actually pretty decent of him, as most villains try to wit it as difficult as possible to foil their plans. All heroes should be so lucky. Also why not kill the president right away? Why fuck it have to be done on live TV?

Plus then the president is still dead and you still have the easily manipulated vice-president in power to use to your own ends as was the plan all along. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe long Post Comments Atom.

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