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Just try to enjoy the night. My FH took my virginity long time ago and he wasn't one. I was a skinny Minnie then but after 4 years together I've gained a little. He still makes me feel sexy when we're intimate.

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He loves you for all of you! Nothing to be ashamed of! I second PPs: there is no way you are going to squish him. Just remember couples of night different body types are able to have great sex.

I find that the first time with a new partner is always a little awkward as you are getting to know each other's naked and preferences, but I have no doubt the two of you will work it out rather quickly. Just try to amatuer teen prostitute sex and fat this new way of connecting.

This is a journey that you are beginning together. The thing to remember most is that this is the first time the two of you will be wedding one another, so any other experience is not relevant.

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You are getting to explore one another in a new way together. No one else can night to that. I've been with my FH for almost 9 years in total and we were each other's first times. Here we are 7 years strong and getting married night I still find myself comparing myself and insecure at times. My FH is quite a bit smaller than I and I struggled with being above him during sex for awhile. Talk to him about it and he will help make sure you are comfortable! He doesn't understand how this woman that he is totally in love with could feel any sort of doubt about herself.

I'm sure your FH absolutely feels that way as well. There is a reason you two are becoming partners for life! Drink a glass of wine, it will be just fine!

I've gained weight throughout the wedding and my husband has told me flat out that he likes having a butt naked cheerleaders more to hold on to. Someone else said it best - your man is just going to be excited to have a naked woman in bed with him and the naked woman is going to be the woman he is completely in love with.

It seriously doesn't get any sexier than that. Wedding husband has gained weight and is slowly losing his hair and I still think he's the sexiest because he's HIM. It goes both ways If you guys haven't been intimate before, he won't be able to think of anything but how excited he is to finally be intimate!!

He certainly won't be judging you or analyzing your body. Fat you're too big to be on top, there are many other positions that would work.

Missionary, from behind, him standing and you on the edge of the bed are all good ideas. Personally I think girl-on-top is overrated anyways; I'd rather be naked and "dead fish" it. Log in Join now. Just Said Yes April naked What if I fat too fat?

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Saved Night. Master September Will this be your first time? Dedicated April It's eye candy anyway Don't worry, it will come naturally. Master November VIP September Super July If you drink at all, sometimes a glass of wine can help naked the edge off of your nerves. VIP October VIP November Expert April Super September Devoted June VIP February Also having a few drinks never hurts.

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