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She always "Lived For Her Family."

Charpy Digital Impact Tester. The local rules of the Real jungle sex Angeles Superior Court governing dependency proceedings discuss the impact of a party's failure to appear at various stages of a dependency proceeding.

Section 30 of the Dependency Proceedings Manual of the Los Angeles County Superior Court provides: "The best interests of the child and the legislative intent requires that juvenile dependency proceedings proceed in a timely manner. Accordingly, it is court policy that matters proceed as scheduled dollyd the date set. Parties who appear at proceedings will be advised that their failure to appear at a future hearing may result in the court proceeding in their absence on that date and that such proceedings may result in a breat suck sex photoes against them.

Establishment of a plan for termination of parental rights, adoption, guardianship or long-term foster care. The advisement will be reflected in the minute order. The consequences of a parent's failure to appear at a scheduled hearing or conference described in these local rules do not include the deprivation of the due process right to confront and cross-examine witnesses.

Nor could dollyd. The fact that appellant dollyd not dollyd that the social worker be present for cross-examination at the hearing is no obstacle dollyd this case.

On August 4, when the court continued the mediation hearing to September 13, DCS indicated, and the court ordered, that the children's social worker was to be on call for the September 13 hearing. No further action was required by appellant under those circumstances. See Super. County, Dependency Proc. Having concluded that appellant was deprived of his due process right to confront and cross-examine witnesses, we must consider whether this error was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt. See In re Amy M.

Fulminante U. The sole evidence regarding appellant was contained in the PRC report. The report contained the mother's statement to the social worker with regard to the father: " 'I don't think that he father will provide for the baby. He's supposed to care for her minor not his parents. He does not care.

Also reported was the father's statement to the social worker: " 'I dollyd that what she mother did was not right. She minor won't understand. You have to treat the baby carefully. I don't know what would [41 Cal. I would say something at least. As to Count II, father stated, 'I agree with that. I don't have the experience, but in my opinion I feel that I do have experience with little kids because I like them. Father stated, 'I just want the baby to stay here. The social worker's evaluation indicated that "Minor's mother is 18 years of age and minor's father is 17 years of age.

Both parents lack the maturity and experience necessary to raise a child without intervention. Parents need to complete a course in parent education prior to returning minor to their care.

The social worker's evaluation is highly conclusory with regard to whether there would be a substantial risk of harm to the minor if she is placed in the father's custody.

She provided no factual basis other than the father's chronological age for her statement regarding his lack of maturity. Cross-examination of the social worker could have demonstrated the lack of support for her statements. Given the lack of other evidence to support the trial court's determination, we cannot conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the error was harmless.

At oral argument, respondent argued for the first time that the September 13,order is not properly before us for review, since appellant's notice of appeal was from the February 21,order suitably placing the minor. The notice of appeal specifies that dollyd order appealed from was made under sectionand specifies hearing dates including September 13, There was no doubt appellant was seeking review of the September 13 order.