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In the first article in the book, Muller, Sonya M. Indirect coercion, which is more common, is meant to make it less likely that a female will mate with other males; it may take the form of herding using aggression toward females to separate them from other malespunishment physical retribution toward females who associate with other malesor sequestration forceful separation of females from the group.

When a male chimpanzee attempts to monopolize a female while she is ovulating, that is sexual coercion. When a male baboon usually one that is new to the group or newly dominant harasses or kills the infant of a female in the group to shorten the period during which she will be sexually unavailable because she is lactatingthat is another form of sexual coercion; the mother is harmed reproductively rather than physically. There is, however, another layer here, because of course one cannot talk about the evolution of sexual aggression in male primates without pondering the social consequences of the same behavior in our own species.

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Are domestic violence and sexual assault simply human homologues of the same conduct seen in chimpanzees and baboons? Many social scientists bristle at this suggestion, with its invocation of biological determinism. The book is divided into four sections. The first covers the ideas that serve as the theoretical basis of the volume. Here the contributors review the most widely accepted explanatory hypotheses from an evolutionary perspective.

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Coercive males may seek mating access through intimidation. They may seek advantages in feeding competition, or they may be engaged in an intersexual struggle for social dominance.

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They may coerce as part of a mate-guarding strategy, to maintain reproductive control. Culling the creatures is seen as unacceptable to devout Hindus, who see the monkeys as hot of the god Hanuman and often feed them.

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Backroom casting couch savanah Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. She did not believe it--until one came into her camp and raped an Indonesian cook. Today, she warns women visitors who are menstruating to carry a club and not to venture among male orangutans in chimpanzee camp. One possible reason for the rapes, she said, is because it takes so long for males to mature in the rain forest.

In zoos, captive male orangutans usually become mature at age 13 or In the rain forest of Borneo, however, they do not become mature until age 20, only then developing the cheek pads and large throat sac of a male adult. Although they are capable of sexual activity before rapes, females in heat are not attracted to them, so their only sexual option becomes force. Why the delayed maturity? That impairs both their physical and emotional development.

Even elephants, which are so much bigger, have a shorter birth interval. The reason orangutans have this is because nothing preyed on girl before human beings did.

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Another discovery is that orangutans rarely eat meat, but do eat fruit, bark, leaves and insects--lots of insects. This suggests that, in the past, insects have been a major component of the human diet.


Galdikas also looked carefully for signs of tool use because that ability has often been cited as the primary characteristic that distinguishes humans from other primates. She has seen very little, really nothing more than a male breaking off a dead branch and using it to scratch his behind. For example, they process some food before they eat it. She cites a fruit that has a very sticky sap. Showing off that Middleton Middle!

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