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Believe it or not, when you're out in public getting your self-portrait onother people think you look downright silly. Those people are also well within their rights to take a picture of you snapping your selfie so that they can make fun of you on the internet. This one is kind of sad. What's the goal here, to make it look like you have friends on the train? This poor dad is clearly wondering where he went wrong Let's just hope his kid outgrows this phase, STAT. Why did she decide that this was the appropriate angle to capture her day off in the park?

Okay, so you've got yourself a cute hat and you feel like taking a selfie.

How about doing it in private, though, instead of in the middle of study hall? I don't know for what, but I'll think of something. Some people really do let it all hang out at the beach, but I'm still not sure why she thought this particular angle was the least bit flattering. She's clearly just enjoying her mid-morning snack at work and decided to take a picture of herself eating a big, ripe banana.

A big, ripe, phallic banana. At work. As one does. This old guy just wants to wash his hands in peace, damn it. Must he be subjected to this whippersnapper's selfie-taking antics? Teenagers, please, I implore you.

Further proof that you look dumb taking selfies. Please stop.

Before taking any selfie, ask yourself if this is a picture that you want to exist online forever. It's nice to see that even the 'beautiful people' look ridiculous while taking selfies. Don't worry, Mom. We don't really understand the mirror selfie trend either. Her little girl had taken naked pictures of herself and sent them to her classmates asking them to do the same.

I caught my 8-year-old sending NAKED pics of herself: A mum's sexting nightmare - Mirror Online

Earlier this week, new figures showed 15 children a week are now kicked out of schools, including primary schools, for sex bullying and harassment. Jenna and her husband, David, gave Jade one of their old pay-as-you-go phones, a Nokia Lumia, for her eighth birthday. Jade had owned the phone for six months when Jenna found the naked photos of boys and girls from her class.

Composing themselves, Jenna and David, spoke to Jade, determined to help her see how wrong it was, without scaring her. She said it was just a game and that she understood. The headmistress was really supportive and sent a letter out to parents.

20 People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies

Kelly, who had no idea sexting existed among primary schoolchildren, now hopes to make other parents aware. She asked if she could clear it, and when I said no, she burst into tears and locked herself in her room.

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Sarah had posed for pictures with her top down, exposing her cleavage. CEO of myfamilyclub. Children need to understand that sharing sexual messages and photographs may make them vulnerable for example, would they put them up on the school noticeboard?

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Be prepared to listen calmly to their story. Be clear that this must be taken in order to ensure the sexting is stopped and then agree with your child what you are both going to do. By Mirror.