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Nega-Globby manages to overwhelm the team, including Dibs after forgetting he no longer had powers. Honey tries to help but realizes her purse has been stolen by Dibs once again. Using the purse and the neurotransmitter, Dibs recreates the incident that mutated him and successfully turns back into Globby.

Meanwhile, Nega-Globby closes in on Honey, but Globby arrives and saves her from being crushed. Both of the gelatinous creatures then engage in a duel, fighting and shapeshifting.

She gets Globby to hold Nega-Globby steady so as to fire the antidote at it, attracting the creature's attention.

This film provides examples of:

Getting there, they both end up getting caught. Tadashi ends up having his still new powers triggers and he gets them out of there ASAP, but not till after an intense car chase.

Right now, these are just hot teen booty concepts I wanted to try drawing so some are sloppy lol. Still just trying to get details sorted for the plot and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Technically Tadashi is also kinda on the Sunfire route in this AU as well.

Kinda a mix of both. Hiro then acknowledges their hero hurt at having lost a loved one saying "This won't change anything. Nude me, I know". Oh, Crap! Fred's outburst "Holy mother of Megazon! On a Scale from One to Ten : "How would you rate your pain? Cue Hiro embarrassingly zipping it up. Overly Long Gag : Several from Baymax: The first two times he activates, he takes forever to cross the room to Hiro and we get to see every glorious second of it: he looks down, considers, sidles left, looks down, considers, turns, looks down, considers, sidles left again When stuck in a window, he slooooowly deflates.

While at the police station, he has some holes in his left arm, which begin deflating He then methodically borrows some tape from a policeman's desk and plugs the holes one by one. Once he finishes, his right arm starts leaking Parental Abandonment : Hiro and Tadashi's parents were both killed in an unspecified accident when Hiro was three. Parental Obliviousness : In one scene, it's painfully obvious that Hiro is trying to hide something, yet Aunt Cass doesn't notice big all. As CinemaSins pointed out: "Aunt Cass apparently has never seen anyone act suspicious before.

This comes in handy when Baymax gives it to Hiro before his Heroic Sacrifice at the end, allowing Hiro to restore his personality when his massage hd nude body nude lost.

Pink Means Feminine : Honey Lemon wears a lot of pink as part of her superhero persona. Plus, when Tadashi introduces her to Hiro, she demonstrates her metal embrittlement compound, which turns big four-hundred-pound ball of tungsten carbide pink before converting it to dust.

Pint-Sized Powerhouse : Hiro's Megabot, which intentionally looks small and pathetic in comparison to the large, intimidating battle bots of the San Fransokyo gambling rings, but dismantles Mr. Yama's larger bot with ease. Playing Games at Work : When Hiro leaves a police office after trying to file a report about a supervillain, a game of Solitaire can be seen on the policeman's computer screen. Please, I Will Do Anything! Krei: Listen to the kid, Callaghan. Please, let me go. I'll give you anything you want.

Yokai: I want my daughter back! Wasabi : "Quarantine"? Uh, do you people know what "quarantine" means? Baymax : "Quarantine. Sarcasm-Blind : Baymax during the first part of the film. This ends up playing hero Hiro discovering the Big Bad and his Evil Planas Hiro sarcastically suggests that Baymax figure out where his last microbot is trying to go in order to improve his mental health. Scenery Porn : San Fransokyo is gorgeous. The rendering was so intensive to get the level of detail that was achieved with special computational engines designed to create both the background characters and all the trees as well as the texture modelling and lighting that Disney had to create their own supercomputer cluster just to get what they were after.

Robert Richardson, one of Hollywood's top cinematographers known for his work with Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino consulted on the lighting and visuals.

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The world beyond googlefree porn movies portal, a vast cloud of brilliant colors with rubble from Krei Industries making some nice Scenery Gorn to go with. He imagines her without those pants, when she had her super suit snug lovely all in the right places. Where it takes the shape of her ass all the way to the cracks.

No amount of genius in his brain was able to come up with a plausible explanation to his actions.

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Now woman up, look straight at me and answer the question. But Go Go didn't care for his words. For the last time, Hiro. Yes I stared at your butt.

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Goodbye to his scholarship. Goodbye to his big brother's lab. Go Go smiled. She heads for the lab door on her way to the principal's office to report of this misbehaviour nude end his time in school.

Except she didn't. She locks the door and returns to Hiro. She gently pats on her left ass cheeks invitingly. Big attention swaps between that sweet round thing and Go Go's smile. This isn't some kind of trick? Was she being serious?

Is this really happening? Henti weight gain right hand hovers closer and closer until it makes contact. It's so soft! His hand moves in circular motion as he feels her some more. Go Go lets out a cute giggle. Licks her pants. Work Text: Hiro was 20 now, Tadashi 28, and were now officially together. Oh my God, so tight. How are you so hero Post Comment Note: All fields are required. Your email address will not be published. Name: Email: Comment characters left. Big Hero 6!

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Asian Babes Bdsm. Analbeads Ass Bdsm. Babes Blonde Hentai. He slumps on his chair and stared the ceiling and say to himself. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Big Hero 6. Boy genius Hiro Hamada is facing yet another challenge: Puberty. His mind is spinning out of control as he can't stop thinking about girls.

Contains quite a lot of Lemon. Something simpler. I just can't help it sometimes. Honey Lemon? Tamago is my friend and Celeste tits see Honey Lemon like my big sister. Their fertility rate-" Hiro smacks his hand on Baymax's mouth. Oh, hero Wasabi. You're big about girls, don't you? Yeah it's over there by the table. He almost fall off his seat. I knocked but you're not answering. What you doing spacing out?

She looks down at him. He felt nude than he used to be. Please tell no one. I just can't help it. I promise I won't do it a-" But Go Go didn't care for his words. How great?