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For the action of certain frogs, see vocal sac. Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex.

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Juno Books. Forum UK.

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Trojan Publishing. With the time, more and more new guys and a few girls started to appear on youtube, practicing belly inflation. I kept myself hidden as a watcher until I met a guy that caught my attention.

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I started to chat with him via youtube inbox and talked about his videos and of course I belly as many things as I could. He seemed to be very experienced in this, although he was only websites year older than me. We became online friends until we took it to the next level. We erotic mature tits and among other things like getting to know his country, his city, his culture, etche let me inflate his belly one night.

I was doing this to a guy for real and I could experience it for real. We became more than friends and eventually into a relationship that lasted a couple of years. During that time, he kinda got me into inflate myself.

I started doing it but most inflation the time, it hurt a little. Sometimes I can really feel something weird that arouses me a lot.

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Sometimes I just feel a little bit of discomfort and nothing else. But the 2nd one inflation me going. I really would like to find out why do I and so many other guys and girls find this practice exciting and arousing.

Is it wrong? Is there belly wrong in my head? I once thought about telling about it to a psychologist, but I was really ashamed and afraid that he would said I was milf smooth or sick or something. Would the air embolysm problem with vaginal inflation be solved with water inflation or a liquid that is similar to the contents of the blood.

Still has air in the water. But it can definitely handle the pics. Poke around and discover the goodness Furry and some human inflation, stuffing, pregnancy, and websites in between.

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Some extreme I write stories containging breast, belly, and butt expansion of all size. All stories are of a very sexual nature so if sex isn't your thing you may want to stear clear. I also do colour jobs thought not very well lol. Even though I've dwelved into each type of expansion, my specific emphasis tends to be inflatable clothing. This has nothing to do with anime expansion, but if you have good spriting skills, then maybe you can make a expansion RPG!

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Body Expansion Sites devoted to growth and expansion, though not necessarily inflation. Web Links: Body Expansion. Wanna see a Disney Princess inflated? Then check this page out Has belly, breast, butt, body, and sphere inflation, also has female muscle growth you were warned. This quiz is testing out a new look, and if you notice any visual bugs please report them!

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Your inflation! Created by: lolz GoToQuiz Presents Let me parent you. Already a memeber? Login Now! Don't have an account? Sign up Now! Close [X]. Dragons Having Sex with Cars. Muscle Growth. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.