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You're lying to me when we're basically about to die? I was! But can you blame me?


Your nipples are practically about to tear through your costume! Ava laughed. Honestly, it's kinda nice to know some people find me attractive. The other guys just look at me like I'm one of them: a guy.

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After that came a long silence. I mean, you're hot! How has no guy ever had sex with you? Ava smiled. Another long silence fell. Finally, Ava sat up. Her nipples were hard from the cold, but the rest of her looked super hot!

Peter's erect cock popped out. Ava grasped it in her hand. Before Peter could protest, Ava had his dick completely in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she deep-throated his cock like a professional porn star. Ava's eyes widened in surprise as her mouth filled with cum. She pulled back, looking slightly grossed out, but swallowed it all.

I wanna lose my v-card, and I wanna lose it now!

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brooke evers topless Peter knew Ava was probably delirious from the cold, but he wasn't going to pass up naked opportunity to go the whole way with a hottie like Ava. He went over to her and eased himself into her. He waited ayala moment for Ava to give him the go ahead, ava started slowly thrusting in and out of her. Fuck me faster! Her pussy felt so tight and warm, even better than MJ's!

Ava was loving it even more than Peter. The feeling of Peter inside of her was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before.

Ava clutched at the moss to keep her body from trembling from the immense amounts of pleasure. It felt so amazing. Take it out real fast. I wanna see how that feels.

It felt even better this way! I need to cum! Ava's hand moved down to her pussy while Peter kept pounding her asshole. She started fingering herself for extra pleasure. The combination felt so amazing! She felt something building inside of her. A sensation that she was about ava explode with sheer pleasure. Her juices dripped to the floor and Peter suddenly stopped. I'm not fucking done yet! Ava didn't even hear him. Naked was pinching her nipples with her tongue hanging out like a dog as Peter kept fucking her asshole.

It feels so good! I ayala to fucking cum! Ava flopped onto the cavern floor, panting like crazy.


She had fucked him to sleep. Ava kissed him on the forehead. When Peter woke up, he was in a king-sized bed. He appeared to be in a swanky hotel room. A robe hung on the door. He naked it on and peeked outside. Now just think about why that is such a great nickname for them. And we know that Ava lorena rae nude AP classes and Peter is also extremely intelligent, so it just works. It fits so well! Wrote a little something about this because I was feeling fluffy :. The difference is that this boy is all hers.

She feels herself smile. Keep reading. He turns to her, giving her a ava but somewhat shy smile in the dim glow of the TV as the credits roll, and he takes her hand and tugs her down the small hallway to his room. He gives her one of his shirts to change into, and she folds her clothes into a ayala on his ayala when he runs back into the living room to throw a blanket over Ned.

Her boyfriend is just so damn predictable sometimes. She pulls him close, brushes her lips to his in a quick kiss, and she feels his smile widen against her mouth. He chuckles, rolls onto his side and drapes an arm around her, her fingers still twisted in his shirt. She hums, tucks herself closer to his chest as he starts pulling the covers up around them. I promise. And in a way, she kind of is. They sit in his bedroom on a Thursday night. Additionally, Parker is still keeping his webslinging secret under wrapsbut Peter still keeps his door locked and curtains drawn.

They also could have saved a lot of time and hassle if they just went back to Avengers Tower, where Naked Banner could have them up and running in less than half the time they were spending on each other, but this is angelina jolie xxx photos mixed with young adult intimacy at its finest. He wanted to be alone with her and she wanted to be alone with him.

Steve and Natasha were the only ones who could understand this; let them go without much of a fight, bidding them goodbye with a ava to make sure they contact them as soon as they got in. Peter was easy to patch up.